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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shavout?

Shavuot is the holiday following seven weeks after Passover that celebrates the receiving of the Torah on Mount Sinai during biblical times.

How do we celebrate it?

Shavuot is one of the pilgrimage holidays, with a custom to eat diary products. In synogogue, there is a custom to read medieval poems and the Book of Ruth, as well as staying up all night during the first night of Shavuot to learn Torah.

What does it mean?

The holiday is associated with the grain harvest, and also depicts the covenant to keep the Torah the Jews made with God on Mount Sinai.

What is the history behind Shavout?

The holiday of Shavuot fulfills the the religious observance of the grain harvest of early summer as well as the ritual to appear before God in Jerusalem three times a year with the first fruits from their harvest.

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