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  • Background Report the Soviet Move into Afghanistan

    East European experts, Kremlinologists and intelligence experts believe that the Soviet Union moved into Afghanistan, provoking a major East-West crisis for strategic reasons, but also because of its own internal Moslem problems. These experts are convinced that the Soviet Union’s Moslem population is increasingly turbulent in its demands for local autonomy and cultural determination. Since… More ▸

  • Begin Says Events in Afghanistan Show Danger of USSR in the Mideast

    The lesson of Afghanistan for Israel is that a Palestinian state would lead to a direct Soviet presence in the Middle East, Premier Menachem Begin told the Knesset today. Begin also reported to the Knesset on his meetings last week with Egyptian President Anwar Sadat in Aswan. He said Israel and Egypt were agreed regarding… More ▸

  • Israel Condemns Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan

    Israel sharply condemned the Soviet ” invasion and occupation” of Afghanistan and declared that it shared ” the apprehensions” of the international community over Russia’s military intervention. in a neighboring state. In remarks prepared for delivery to the General Assembly late this afternoon, Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Yehoda Blum declared that “This massive… More ▸

  • Special to the JTA the Jews of Afghanistan

    It is said that there may have once been as many as 40,000 Jews living in Afghanistan. However, according to a report prepared by the American Joint Distribution Committee, there are today but a few families–no more than 100 people–and their whereabouts in the current situation are unknown. Most of the people lived in Kabul,… More ▸

  • Direct Arab-israel Talks Under U.N. Auspices Suggested by Afghanistan

    Direct negotiations for Arab-Israel peace were urged here by a spokesman for the Government of Afghanistan at a Middle East Institute sponsored by Marquette University. Afghan Embassy Attache Mohammed Shah Sulaiman spoke on behalf of Ambassador Dr. Najib UHah and read from a text prepared by the Ambassador. He suggested an informal approach by a… More ▸

  • Jews in Iran and Afghanistan Suffer Under Restrictions, Surv

    Jews in Iran and Afghanistan live under ### conditions and suffer from certain restrictions although in Iran they are “e### among equals” under the law and have not been subjected to outright official ### tion, a study released today by the World Jewish Congress establishes. The study, which was prepared by Dr. Nehemia Robinson, director… More ▸

  • Jews from Iran and Afghanistan Sail from Turkey for Israel

    The first group of Jewish migrants from Iran to Israel to use the overland route across Turkey since the end of winter, sailed for Israel on the Israel ship Negba from the port of Iskenderun. The group of 480 included 150 Jews from Afghanistan. About 2,000 to 2,500 Jews are believed still to be in… More ▸