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  • The Road Less Traveled

    Rather than spend another three hours on a faceless interstate, I took a shorter and slower route from Winslow down to Phoenix. It wound up into the Tonto National Forest, a mountainous green expanse I never would have imagined possible in the desert climate of Arizona. At one point, a sign indicated an elevation of… More ▸

  • Member of the Tribe

    When I mentioned to Shawn Price that there probably weren’t many full-blooded Navajo Indians around who had converted to Judaism, he chuckled good-naturedly and assured me there were some others. Two, in fact. Price was one of the people I was most interested to meet in Albuquerque, but it took a while to get him… More ▸


    It’s a story that is depressingly familiar. A pro-Palestinian speaker is invited to a university. The local Jewish community gets wind of it and protests the speaker as extreme and anti-Semitic. The protest then becomes the story and the pro-Israel community is forced to fend off charges of "stifling" free expression. So it went this… More ▸

  • Start a love train

    I’ve been in New Mexico less than 72 hours and I’ve already been asked to join hands with three separate groups of strangers. The first was Thursday evening after the chant circle, which I suppose is an appropriate enough thing to do at the end of a chant circle. Then Friday night, the Reform congregation… More ▸