American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee

  • JDC-Jewish Agency deal falls through over ORT funding

    The Fundermentalist has learned that a deal between the Jewish Agency and the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee over how the two organizations split the money they get from the United Jewish Communities fell through last week – essentially because JDC does not want to fund World ORT anymore. The Joint and the Jewish Agency… More ▸

  • Falling dollar drops on Jewish Agency as well

    The day after JTA reported that the weak dollar is forcing the Joint to cut 60 jobs and other programing to deal with a $60 million shortfall, the JPost reports that the Jewish Agency is asking the government of Israel to become a more involved partner. Why? The falling dollar. The chairman of the Jewish… More ▸

  • JDC laying off 60 people, cutting aid programs

    Before it was buzz, now it’s official: The JDC is letting about 60 people go and looking to eliminate some programs. Here’s the first few graffs: The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee is cutting programming and is laying off 60 staffers in its overseas and New York offices, its executive vice president told JTA. The… More ▸

  • Jewish Agency powwow this month

    The Jewish Agency will hold its Board of Governors meetings at the Inbal Hotel in Jerusalem, June 22-25. The 121-member board, which meets three times a year in Israel, has several important issues on its agenda, according to Jewish Agency insiders. Primarily, the Agency board will take a hard look at its budget. The Agency,… More ▸

  • Condensing the alphabet soup

    The Boston Foundation released a report today stating that non-profits employ some 14 percent of the workforce in Massachusetts. In light of challenging economic times, the Boston Globe reports, some foundation officials are quietly suggesting that non-profits with similar missions merge, pool resources and cut overhead. The Fundermentalist is wondering which Jewish organizations you would… More ▸

  • Things you might learn about Natalie on a bus

    The Fundermentalist has heard that reports of Natalie Portman visiting Rwanda to check out a philanthropy role with the JDC might have been exaggerated. At the same time, however, he has also heard that she may have been in Israel recently to check out Jewish Agency programs, as well as JDC programs. Neither the spokesman… More ▸

  • Sderot children stretch and pet away stress of rockets

    Forget for the moment the threat of Kassam rockets and .122 mm mortar shells that constantly hangs in the Sderot air, we on the UJC media trip are getting bombarded with site visits to see program after program paid for in part by the UJC and implemented by JDC and JAFI. There is no way… More ▸

  • Finally, word from one of the last Jews of Burma

    After not hearing anything for about two weeks, the Fundermentalist finally received word from Sammy Samuels. The young Jewish man from Myanmar, and a graduate of Yeshiva University, lives in New York, where he works as the head of information technology for the American Jewish Congress. But after Cyclone Nargis tore apart the country, he… More ▸

  • Whispers of cuts at JDC

    The Fundermentalist has heard from reliable sources that the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee could be planning significant layoffs very soon. To be clear, however, this claim has not been confirmed. The organization, which passed a 2008 budget that included a $9 million shortfall, has been hit hard by the falling dollar. Costs overseas for… More ▸