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Arab world

  • Tunisian FM’s nomination opposed over Israel post

    (JTA) — Tunisian lawmakers opposed the nomination of a diplomat to the position of foreign minister because he served in Tel Aviv 20 years ago. The Assembly of the Representatives of the People, Tunisia’s parliament, approved Khemaies Jhinaoui’s nomination as foreign minister last week, but his candidacy received the lowest approval of all other ministers,… More ▸

  • Israel and New Realities

    Because of its periodic need to accommodate other countries, the US will find itself in disagreement with Israel, not because these countries will necessarily be unfriendly to Israel and its interests, but because they have their own interests that don’t always match those of the US or of Israel. More ▸

  • Around the Arab world

    News from around the Arab world: Lebanon’s upcoming election — which pits Hezbollah and its allies against more Western-friendly factions — may be the country’s most corrupt in decades, The New York Times reports: Lebanon has long been seen as a battleground for regional influence, and now, with no more foreign armies on the ground,… More ▸

  • The impetus for conservative Islam

    How do Arab students rebel? They embrace conservative Islam. Thirst for political change and social justice are driving young people to conservative Islam, The New York Times finds in a piece from Jordan. The long-term implications of this are likely to complicate American foreign policy calculations, making it more costly to continue supporting governments that… More ▸

  • The view from the Middle East

    How is the U.S. election being seen in the Middle East? Arabs see Obama’s "change" as more of the same, Al Arabiya reports. Israel’s daily Ha’aretz backs Obama for president in a thinly veiled editorial. No American president, especially one whose middle name is Hussein, will voice too much sympathy for the Palestinian cause, writes… More ▸

  • Sending the Lebanese a message

    As Israel floats the idea of a non-aggression pact with Lebanon, Commentary magazine’s Michael Totten writes that even if the pact doesn’t work, it would do well to send a message to the Lebanese people that Israel isn’t interested in fighting them. That’s a message surprising number of people in Lebanon – probably the least… More ▸

  • Anti-Semitism — still

    The latest Pew Research Center survey of global attitudes on religion is out and the news is not good for Jews – or Muslims. Anti-Jewish attitudes are up in most major European countries, with the highest numbers in Spain, Poland and Russia. Only British attitudes have remained constant in recent years. But the same is… More ▸

  • 9/11 conspiracy

    Western media – and many Western governments – largely have ignored the pernicious smears that have proliferated in the last eight years in the Arab world about 9/11 (calling them “conspiracy theories” gives them more credence than they deserve). Prime among them are that the Jews and Israelis knew about the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks… More ▸