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  • Wary of Sharon Experience, Olmert Makes Cancer Public

    Ehud Olmert’s surprise announcement that he has early-stage prostate cancer is being seen in Israel as more than merely a medical disclosure. It appears also to be a gesture to head off another Israeli leadership crisis. The 62-year-old prime minister, revealing his disease at a news conference Monday, was quick to reassure Israelis he would… More ▸

  • American Donors to Israeli Parties Draw Back with Sharon out of Picture

    American Jewish involvement in Israeli elections is at an ebb, with the shadow of two Sharons — father Ariel and son Omri — hanging heavy over once-eager fund-raisers. The elder Sharon’s decision to split from the Likud Party last year and form the centrist Kadima has led some of Likud’s traditional stateside donors to reconsider… More ▸

  • Formerly Loyal to Ariel Sharon, Russian Vote is Now Up for Grabs

    Rows of posters of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon stare down at a group of Russian immigrant voters gathered in the cramped front room of the Kadima Party’s Jerusalem headquarters. Casting glances at Sharon’s image, the immigrants take turns firing off questions to Kadima candidates on healthcare, housing, and Hamas. Zhanna Nosiakov, 27, who emigrated from… More ▸

  • Meeting in Israel, Jewish Legislators Network and Visit Sharon’s Hospital

    Joseph Bismouth is the only Jewish lawmaker in Tunisia — and, as he likes to point out, the only Jewish lawmaker anywhere in the Arab world. A member of Tunisia’s newly formed Senate, Bismouth was among Jewish lawmakers from 30 nations — from Costa Rica and Gibraltar to the United States and Australia — who… More ▸

  • Uncertainty over Sharon’s Condition Leaves Palestinians in State of Limbo

    Even the Palestinian Kassam rocket launchers took time out when Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was hospitalized: Either they were preparing for the Muslim holiday of Id al-Adha, or they were saying, let’s wait and see. The Kassam rockets were back in action this week. They didn’t hit anyone, but they did indicate that Sharon’s… More ▸

  • With Sharon Sidelined, Bush Team Reaches out to Potential Successors

    The Bush administration is juggling two stages of grief in dealing with the absence of Ariel Sharon: denial and acceptance. Sharon has been the premier agent of change in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict since Bush took office. One message the administration is pushing is to deny that Sharon’s disappearance from the political scene substantively changes anything…. More ▸