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  • Terrorist Bombing Averted in Ashkelon

    An alert taxi dispatcher in Ashkelon was credited by police with overting a terrorist bombing in the center of that town and assisting in the capture of two suspects. The incident occurred last Thursday when Gaston Barda, the dispatcher, noticed an Arab depositing an object in a trash can near a bus stop. He and… More ▸

  • 360 Arab Inmates in Ashkelon Prison Stage Hunger Strike

    About 360 Arab inmates of the Ashkelon prison went on a hunger strike today, the 24th day of protests and strikes of various kinds to demand recognition as prisoners of war, better food, less solitary confinement and treatment by Gaza Strip physicians. Their complaints about poor prison conditions, and especially the food, were rejected by… More ▸

  • Ashkelon Oil Port Re-opened As 20 Day Strike Ends

    The Ashkelon oil port was re-opened this morning ending a 20 day strike by employes of the Eilat-Ashkelon pipeline company’s marine division that cost the government an estimated IL 12 million in waiting fees alone for tankers that were prevented from loading oil. Thirteen of the strikers, who had spent the past week in commandeered… More ▸

  • Ashkelon Oil Terminal Closed

    The Eilat-Ashkelon oil pipeline company announced today that it was shutting down the Ashkelon oil terminal and was sending out dismissal notices to 67 employes of its marine division who have been on strike for more than two weeks. The decision to shut down the oil port was taken by the company’s board of directors… More ▸

  • Eilat-ashkelon Strikers Clash with Police; General Strike Called

    Striking workers of the Eilat-Ashkelon oil pipeline company clashed with police in Ashkelon this morning precipitating a general strike at both ends of the pipeline. The strikers accused the police of firing on workers during a bizarre boat-ramming incident in Ashkelon harbor. Police said they fired into the air to warn off strikers who they… More ▸

  • Ashkelon Inmates Murder Cell Mate

    Ashkelon prison has been closed to visitors since last Friday when two Arab terrorists serving life sentences murdered one of their cell mates, it was disclosed today. Prison authorities said the weapon used was a shoelace. The victim was identified as Haled Mustafa El Hald, 21, also serving a life term. Prison authorities said he… More ▸

  • 10 Prisoners, One Officer Injured in Ashkelon Prison Riot; Order Restored After Two Hours

    Special precautionary measures were introduced in all Israeli prisons Thursday night following an inmates’ riot Thursday evening in the top-security prison at Ashkelon in which one officer and 10 prisoners were slightly injured. It took wardens and police reinforcements two hours to restore order in the prison, which houses 480 Arab terrorists–half of them sentenced… More ▸

  • Israel Buying Tankers to Keep Up with Success of Ellat-ashkelon, Pipeline

    Israeli shipping interests are buying tankers at inflated prices in order to keep oil flowing in increasing quantities to the new Eilat-Ashkelon pipeline. The success of the pipeline has exceeded the most ardent hopes of its promoters but Israel’s tanker fleet has failed to keep pace with the demand, maritime business circles said here today…. More ▸

  • Report Iranian Oil to East Europe Pumped Through Israel’s Eilat-ashkelon Pipeline

    Iranian oil, pumped through Israel’s Eilat-Ashkelon pipeline, is finding its way to Eastern European countries, among them East Germany, the most rabidly anti-Israel member of the Communist bloc, it was reported here today. The Eilat-Ashkelon pipeline bypasses the closed Suez Canal, saving a three-week, 12,000 mile voyage from Mideastern oil fields to Europe via the… More ▸

  • New Oil Pipeline Linking Eilat with Ashkelon in Operation Since February 1

    Israel disclosed today that its new 42 inch oil pipeline has been in operation since Feb. 1 linking the port of Eilat on the Gulf of Aqaba, with Ashkelon on the Mediterranean coast some 160 miles away. The $150 million project by-passes the Suez Canal which has been closed to all shipping since the June,… More ▸