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  • Jewish Groups Are Mixed on Lifting of Austria Sanctions

    Jews are voicing mixed reaction to the European Union’s move this week to lift sanctions it had imposed on Austria after the extremist Freedom Party joined the country’s government. The 14-member E.U. imposed the sanctions in February, three months after the Freedom Party – led by the charismatic Jorg Haider – had won 27 percent… More ▸

  • U.S. Pushes Austria to Settle Issue of Jewish Property Looted by Nazis

    The United States is stepping up pressure on Austria to settle a broad range of Holocaust-era issues. The chief U.S. official on Holocaust restitution issues, Stuart Eizenstat, made the American stance clear before traveling to Vienna, where representatives of seven countries are talking about creating an Austrian fund for Holocaust-era slave laborers. “While I’m pleased… More ▸

  • Jewish Officials Seek Ways to Force Austrian Restitution

    Jewish officials seeking restitution from Austria are in a bind. One the one hand, they are unwilling to negotiate directly with the Austrian government because it includes members of the far-right Freedom Party. But they also want to seek justice for Jews whose assets were looted by the Austrian government during World War II. The… More ▸

  • Austria Tries ‘grim Reaper’ Doctor for Nazi-era Euthanasia of Children

    Austria tries `Grim Reaper’ doctor for Nazi-era euthanasia of children A prominent Austrian neurologist was slated to go on trial this week for complicity in the murders of nine children when he served as a Nazi doctor during World War II. Heinrich Gross is alleged to have participated in the killings at the Am Spiegelgrund… More ▸

  • News Analysis: Haider’s Resignation May Mask Plan to Become Austria’s Leader

    Jorg Haider’s unexpected resignation as head of Austria’s far-right Freedom Party is widely seen as a strategic ploy that may ultimately win him more political power — including the nation’s leadership. “It is important not to overestimate” the move, Marta Halpert, director of the Anti-Defamation League’s Vienna-based Central Europe office, told JTA. “It is a… More ▸

  • Anti-haider Demonstrators Take to the Streets in Vienna

    A quarter of a million people have braved icy rain in Vienna to protest the inclusion of Jorg Haider’s far-right Freedom Party in the new Austrian government. Saturday’s protest extended well beyond the Austrian capital, with thousands taking part in anti-Haider demonstrations in a number of other European cities. Some 9,000 took to the streets… More ▸

  • Far-right Austrian Visits Montreal, but He Cannot Tour Shoah Museum

    A Chasidic community’s apparent wedding invitation to an Austrian far-right leader has started a chain reaction that resulted in slammed doors at Montreal’s Holocaust museum. Jewish leaders, outraged that the small Tash Chasidic community apparently sent Jorg Haider letters inviting him to Quebec, barred him from visiting the museum. The appearance of Haider, whose xenophobic… More ▸

  • Behind the Headlines: Austria Set to Talk Restitution, but Some Jews Balk at the Idea

    After years of failing to address the issue of Holocaust restitution, Austria’s new government says it wants to quickly enter negotiations with survivors and Jewish groups to settle outstanding claims. However, some in the Jewish world see this sudden change of heart as an attempt to dampen the criticism of the governing coalition. The government… More ▸