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Ben Gurion

  • Birthday haiku for Les Moonves

    **** Franz as Ben-Gurion: “NYPD Blue and White” Make great-uncle proud **** Happy birthday Les Moonves (62). We’re still kinds surprised that you were cool letting Dennis Franz play Ben-Gurion on CBS, the latter being your great-uncle and all. P.S. Pardon me? You think Ben-Gurion is four syllables? Sorry, holmes. Israelis pronounce it in three. Holy… More ▸

  • Israel Mourns the Death of David Ben Gurion: Memorial Ceremony at Knesset

    David Ben Gurion (Son of the Lion) died here shortly after 11 a.m. Saturday at the age of 87. Among the first Israelis to learn of his death were soldiers recovering from Yom Kippur War wounds at Tel Hashomer-Sheba Medical Center where Ben Gurion had been hospitalized since he suffered a stroke at his Tel… More ▸

  • Golda Meir Eulogizes David Ben Gurion As ‘the Nation’s Chosen One’

    “The nation’s chosen one” was the phrase Premier Golda Meir chose to eulogize David Ben Gurion at a special mourning session of the Cabinet last night. As the ministers stood below a black-draped picture of the nation’s founder, Mrs Meir said: “If there is Justification in defining anyone during the period of renaissance of the… More ▸

  • Jews from Many Lands Revisit Auschwitz in Second Day of Prayers

    Thousands of Jews from all over the world, including delegations from Israel and the United States, revisited this former Nazi death camp today, holding Jewish religious services and otherwise paying homage to the 3,000,000 Jews who made up the majority of the 4,000,000 persons put to death here by the Nazis during World War II…. More ▸

  • Ben Gurion Demands Abolition of 300-year Ban on Spinoza

    The abolition of the excommunication declared by the Amsterdam Jewish community about 300 years ago on the philosopher Baruch Spinoza, and the publication of all his works, is demanded by David Ben Gurion, retired Israel Premier, in his first article written in Sdeh Boker, his residence in the Negev. The article is published in Davar,… More ▸

  • Ben Gurion to Do Field Work Four Hours Daily at Sdeh Boker

    Former Israel Premier David Ben Gurion will perform four hours of field work daily, including plowing with the aid of a team of mules, as his share of the work at the settlement of Sdeh Boker to which he has retired, the newspaper Hador reported here last night. The rest of the day the former… More ▸