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  • 4,000 Jewish Survivors of Nazi Camps Issue Manifesto to World, Ask Justice for Jews

    An appeal to “all the free peoples of the world” for justice for the Jews, in the form of a manifesto which will soon be published throughout the world, was completed here today by representatives of 4,000 surviving victims of the concentration camps of Buchenwald, Bergen-Belsen, Dachau, Auswitz, Theresienstadt and Mauthausen, who are now in… More ▸

  • Polish Jews Convert Samarkand into Textile Center; Will Not Return to Poland

    Jews evacuated from Poland into Central Asia in the early months of the war have converted this ancient and colorful city into a textile manufacturing center which can be compared to the Balut section of Lodz which was populated before the war by thousands of Jewish weavers. Many of these Jews are professional weavers from… More ▸

  • Central Jewish Committee Headed by Sommerstein Named Representative of Polish Jews

    The Central Committee of polish Jews, which is headed by Dr. Emil Sommerstein, a member of the pre-war Polish parliament and Zionist leader, will act as the representative of all Jews in Poland, it was announced today over the Lublin radio. The committee consists of representatives of the Zionists, the Jewish Socialist Bund, the Workers… More ▸

  • Polish Peasants Bringing Hidden Jewish Children to Local Jewish Organizations

    The Central Jewish Relief Committee here today reported that hundreds of Jewish children, sheltered in churches and in the homes of Polish peasants during the German occupation, are being turned over to Jewish communities in the liberated part of Poland where homes for Jewish orphans are being established under the supervision of Jewish leaders. "The… More ▸

  • Polish Jewish Leaders Puzzled over Dropping of Sommerstein by Lublin Government

    Polish Jewish leaders here expressed puzzlement today over the fact that Dr. Emil Sommerstein, Jewish member of the Polish Liberation Committee in Lublin, is not included in the new Provisional Government established there yesterday, composed of members of the Liberation Committee. It was pointed out that members of the Committee who were less important than… More ▸

  • Conference of Liberated Jewish Communities Discusses Economic and Cultural Revival

    The first conference of representatives of Jewish communities in the liberated district of Bialystok took place this week in the city of Bialystok. The conference was devoted to discussions of means of restoring Jewish economic life, the revival of cultural activities and the intensification of social welfare work. Addressing the gathering in behalf of the… More ▸

  • Thirty Thousand Jews Remain in Liberated Poland; 250,000 Polish Jews in Russia

    The first official figures on the total number of Polish Jews surviving in liberated Poland and in various parts of Russia were issued here today by the Central Jewish Relief Committee in an appeal for urgent relief addressed to the Jews of America, England and Palestine. The appeal, transmitted through the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, establishes… More ▸

  • Jewish Partisans Returning from Byelorussian Forests to Rebuild Destroyed Homes

    Jewish partisans from the critics of Pinsk, Bialystok, Baranovichi, Slonin and other liberated Byelorussian cities and towns are returning from the forests to begin rebuilding their homes and factories which were destroyed by the Germans, according to dispatches reaching here today. The partisans are almost the only survivors of the hundreds of thousands of Jews… More ▸