• Religious Leaders Call for Harmony in Strife-torn Macedonia and Bosnia

    Jewish leaders have joined other religious leaders in calling for peace and dialogue in two Balkan states — Macedonia and Bosnia. Religious leaders from Macedonia issued a statement late last week expressing their “commitment to the One God for peace for our common country” and urging international support for peace initiatives. Izhak Asiel, the chief… More ▸

  • Bosnian Jewish Leader Champions Panel to Heal Nation’s War Wounds

    The leader of the Jewish community here is spearheading an effort to help the nation recover from its devastating civil war. “The war in Bosnia was finished with the Dayton Peace Accord,” Jakob Finci said, referring to the December 1995 agreement that effectively partitioned Bosnia along Serb, Muslim and Croat ethnic lines. “The war was… More ▸

  • Jews Join Coalition to Bring Bosnian War Criminals to Justice

    It was December 1992 when Jewish activists gathered across from the site of the future Holocaust museum for the first of many calls for U.S. intervention in Bosnia. Eyewitnesses were coming forward with stories of war crimes, mass murders and systematic rapes in the war-torn former Yugoslavia. This week, a coalition of groups, including 19… More ▸

  • Bosnian Jewish Refugees Find New Homes in Croatia

    Within a few weeks, the last Bosnian Jewish refugees in Croatia will be resettled in permanent housing, according to the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. “The relatively speaking `massive displacement’ of Jews from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Croatia is now a chapter of the past,” said Yechiel Bar Chaim, the JDC country director for Croatia…. More ▸

  • Jewish Relief Groups Shift Focus to Help Rebuild Bosnia

    Donors around the world should move away from rescue efforts and toward the rebuilding of Bosnia, the hosts of a recent Paris gathering stressed. The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, in conjunction with the Sarajevo Jewish community’s humanitarian aid society La Benevolencija, sponsored the one-day conference here last week. Both La Benevolencija and the JDC… More ▸

  • Bosnian Serb Leaders Reject Klarsfeld’s Appeal to Surrender

    Bosnian Serb authorities have expelled a famed French Nazi hunter from their self-proclaimed capital of Pale after he traveled there in an effort to persuade their leaders to surrender to an international war crimes tribunal. “They obviously got my message, which was too strong for them,” said French lawyer Serge Klarsfeld, who had gone to… More ▸

  • News Analysis: U.S. Peacekeeping Role on Golan May Depend on Mission in Bosnia

    With Israel and Syria talking peace again, the prospect for deploying U.S. peacekeepers to help monitor an agreement could hinge on the success or failure of the United States’ mission in Bosnia. Experts say a successful Balkan peacekeeping venture with minimal casualties could facilitate congressional approval for U.S. participation in a multinational monitoring force on… More ▸

  • Wiesel Joins Clinton to Support an `honorable’ Mission in Bosnia

    Holocaust survivor and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Elie Wiesel joined President Clinton on Wednesday to support the deployment of U.S. peacekeeping troops to Bosnia. Wiesel, who had long urged that world to stop the atrocities in Bosnia, called the peacekeeping roll “an act of morality” that “will be remembered in history.” “It is with a… More ▸