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  • Bush launched covert Iran ops

    The Bush administration reportedly launched covert action aimed at sabotaging Iran’s nuclear weapons program even as it turned down Israel’s request for assistance in a possible attack. More ▸

  • Mideast roundup

    Ha’aretz has some details on some of the weapons it says the U.S. government denied Israel out of fear they’d be used to attack Iran. They include bunker-buster bombs, permission to use an air corridor over Iraq to fly to Iran, an advanced technological system and refueling planes, the report said. Gabriela Shalev, who this… More ▸

  • Why the U.S. should support Israel-Syria talks

    With the Bush administration seemingly reticent to wholeheartedly endorse Israel-Syria peace talks, the Israel Policy Forum offers a paper – crafted by former U.S. ambassadors to Middle East countries, among others – focusing on what the United States stands to gain from Israeli-Syrian détente. The importance of bringing America into the talks is no small… More ▸

  • U.S. presence at Iran talks a ‘slap in the face’ for Israel

    While JTA’s own Ron Kampeas reports that Jewish organizations were mostly satisfied with the Bush administration’s decision to attend multilateral talks with Iran last Saturday in Geneva, the Israelis, apparently, were not. Ha’aretz’s Aluf Benn called the participation of U.S. Undersecretary of State William Burns in the meeting, aimed at halting Iran’s installment of centrifuges… More ▸

  • Regime change in Iran

    An Op-Ed piece in Monday’s Wall Street Journal uses the A-word to describe President Bush’s shifting stance on Iran. In the piece, titled “Now Bush is Appeasing Iran,” the American Enterprise Institute’s Michael Rubin argues that the White House is propping up a failed administration (in Tehran, not Washington), by sending Undersecretary of State William… More ▸

  • L.A. Times: No to warmongering on Iran

    In an editorial Thursday, the L.A. Times argues against U.S. acquiescence to an Israeli attack on Iran. The editorialists write: There are a dozen reasons why “If you want to whack them, we’ve got your back” is the wrong message for the U.S. to send Israel, publicly or privately. One is the increase in oil… More ▸

  • Preparing the battlefield in Iran, or exploring alternatives?

    In his latest piece of “national security” reportage The New Yorker’s Sy Hersh uses insinuations and several leaps of logic to raise questions about the wisdom of the Bush administration’s apparent funding of covert activities designed to destabilize Iran’s religious leadership. The headline and Hersh’s juxtapositions suggest that Hersh believes these activities are problematic and… More ▸