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  • CAJE will officially close

    A month after announcing that it would not hold its annual conference, the Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education announced that it would be shutting its doors for good at the end of February. CAJE, which for the past 30 years has been the primary professional development organization for congregational and Hebrew school teachers,… More ▸

  • CAJE cancels its conference and will downsize

    After much speculation over its future, a major Jewish educational organization is canceling its annual conference and significantly downsizing. CAJE, the Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education, is canceling its annual conference because of ongoing financial difficulties, the organization announced today. The conference has been the central professional development resource for supplementary and Hebrew… More ▸

  • Lasday: For right now, CAJE will not close its doors

    Over the past several weeks, I have heard a number of rumors that CAJE, the Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education, could possibly be closing its doors. Among other things this would mean that CAJE, the organization that is the primary resource for secondary school and religious school educators, might not hold its annual… More ▸

  • The problems with Jewish education

    Here are the problems with Jewish education, according to Rabbi Manuel Gold, a plenary presenter at the CAJE conference. (First, a little biographical info: Gold grew up Orthodox and graduated from Yeshiva University. But he later received Conservative rabbinical ordination and then worked as a high-level educational official in the Reform movement.) Congregational presidents: often… More ▸

  • Quick CAJE facts and rumors

    Fact: This CAJE conference at University of Vermont cost $1.2 million to put together. Rumor: CAJE is moving its offices from New York to Cleveland (Jeff Lasday debunked this). Fact: CAJE-ians are happy with the pleasant high-70s weather here in Burlington, after a number of conference participants passed out from the heat at last year’s… More ▸

  • Irony at CAJE

    Maybe The Fundermentalist is getting a little bleary-eyed, but I chuckle every time I walk past this dead stuffed bear. I find it ironic that, while CAJE holds many of its sessions on environmental Judaism at this large lecture hall, outside there is a fairly extensive taxidermy collection, including Whitey here (yes, I named him). More ▸

  • Larry Hoffman: We need to find spirituality

    The night after Joel Hoffman filled in for Dennis Ross as CAJE’s keynote speaker, Hoffman’s father, Larry Hoffman, gave the conference’s second keynote address. The elder Hoffman, who is the author of some 30 books on Judaism and Jewish thought, proposed to the CAJE-ians that every generation of Jews has a project that it must… More ▸

  • No Ross, but parables aplenty at CAJE’s opening plenary

    Joel Hoffman filled in for Dennis Ross as the CAJE conference’s keynote speaker. Dennis Ross was supposed to be the keynote speaker for CAJE’s opening plenary Sunday night. But he called in sick at the last minute, informing conference organizers Saturday night that he would not attend. Nevertheless, CAJE-ians made out pretty well with Ross’… More ▸