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Central Relief Committee

  • Argentine Jews Hold Relief Conference for European Jewry; Raise $475,000 in 8 Months

    A national conference of the United Central Relief Committee for European Jews today adopted a decision to continue its affiliation with the World Jewish Congress. Most of the Zionist groups as well as groups which cooperate with the Joint Distribution Committee were absent from the conference, which was attended by 244 delegates. A total of… More ▸

  • Joint Distribution Committee Grants 4,250,000 Frances to Aid Jews in Tunisia

    A grant of 4,250,000 frances to aid the Jews of Tunisia was announced today by the Joint Distribution Committee. The action supplements emergency assistance given to the Jewish as well as to the general population of Tunisia by the Office of Foreign Relief and Rehabilitation Operations, beginning within a few days after the Axis defeat…. More ▸

  • Plan Emigration of Group of Czech Jews to Tangier

    A number of Jews in the Protectorate will proceed soon to Tangier as result of a new arrangement reached with the authorities there, it was reported here today. They will be transported in sealed German trains to Madrid from where they will be taken by the Iberian airline to Teutan. Reports from Bratislava declare the… More ▸

  • Fraternal Parley Plans Passover Aid in Europe

    More than 2,500 persons representing 400 fraternal and benevolent organizations met yesterday at the Riverside Plaza Hotel and pledged their support to the United Jewish Appeal. The UJA’s special campaign to provide matzoth and other Passover necessities for the impoverished Jews in Europe was a main topic of discussion. Dr. Jonah B. Wise, declared: “We… More ▸

  • Senate Body Opens Hearings on Polish Relief Bill; Swift Action Urged by Potocki

    The Senate Foreign Relations Committee today began consideration of the Maloney bill which authorizes the appropriation of $10,000,000 to purchase food and clothing in this country and send it to Poland for relief through the American Red Cross or other agencies to be designated by President Roosevelt. At the same time, Polish Ambassador Jerzy Potocki… More ▸

  • Massacre Reported in Tomaszow

    Refugees reported today that the Polish town of Tomaszow-Lubelski had been completely destroyed and most of the Jewish population killed by the Nazis. The Central Relief Committee for Polish Refugees met here under the chairmanship of Chief Rabbi Jakob Niemirower. Dr. Ignacy Schwartzbard and Anselm Reiss, Polish Jewish leaders, expressed gratitude for the efficient organization… More ▸

  • Palestine Body Acts to Help Polish Jewish Refugees

    The Central Relief Committee for Polish Jews, established here under the leadership of Isaac Gruenbaum and Emil Schmorak, has sent a special representative to Rumania to establish contact with Polish Jewish refugees and help them to reach Palestine. The committee, which will seek to cooperate with other Polish Jewish relief bodies, will attempt to establish… More ▸

  • First Batch of Deportees Set to Return to Reich

    One thousand Polish Jewish deportees will shortly return temporarily to Germany to liquidate their businesses, it was announced today by the Central Relief Committee. They will go under the recently concluded Polish-German agreement under which Poland accepted as a fait accompli the expulsion last October of 14,000 Polish Jews and Germany agreed to discontinue further… More ▸

  • Plight of 5,000 Zbonszyn Deportees Daily Growing Worse

    The situation of 5,000 Polish Jewish deportees from Germany, who are entering the fourth week of their stay at the frontier station of Zbonszyn, is deteriorating daily. Despite the efforts of relief organizations, despair is growing among the exiles and is aggravated by the fact that not even children are being permitted to proceed to… More ▸