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  • Quiet prologue to 1972 Munich Olympics

    Imagine if this had been the most significant headline about Israel in the 1972 Munich Olympics… [[READMORE]] Israel’s Olympic Team Reprimanded Failed to Attend Memorial Service at Site of Dachau Concentration JERUSALEM, Sep. 4, 1972 (JTA) – Israel’s Olympic squad in Munich was sharply reprimanded by Deputy Premier Yigal Allon for failing to attend an inter-faith memorial service… More ▸

  • Teacher must learn about Holocaust

    To the Editor: I would like to have that teacher explain how she can say “the Holocaust did not happen when more than 7 million Jews plus Catholics, Gypsies and others were murdered by the Nazis. I also wish to add I was born in Berlin, Germany, only one day before Hitler became chancellor. I… More ▸

  • Thirty-six of Forty Dachau Defendants Sentenced to Death, Four Get Prison Terms

    An American military court here today sentenced to death thirty-six of the forty officials of Dachau concentration camp found guilty yesterday of “violations of the usages of war.” Of the other four, one received a sentence of life imprisonment and three Imprisonment for ten years. Among those to die are 74-year-old Dr. Klaus Schilling, accused… More ▸

  • All Dachau Defendants Doomed by U.S. Military Court; Will Be Hanged

    Forty guards and members of the staff of the notarious Dachau concentration camp were today found guilty by an American military court of having murdered and tortured thousands of Jewish and non-Jewish prisoners. (The American Press Service in Germany was quoted by Reuters tonight as reparting that all of the defendants had been sentenced to… More ▸

  • Nazi Torture of Jews in Camps Shown in Films at Nuremberg Trial; More Evidence Planned

    Films showing how the Nazis tortured Jewish and other inmates in the Belsen, Dachau, Buchenwald and other camps were run off today in the court-room where the international war crimes trial are being held. The presentation of further documentary evidence concerning Nazi crimes against Jews which was scheduled for today has been postponed for ten… More ▸

  • Witnesses Testify at Dachau Trial on Flogging of Jews

    Grim details of the daily flogging routine at the Dachau concentration camp, and of living prisoners being included in cargoes of dead, destined for the crematorium, were unfolded during the week-end at the hearing of charges against forty persons concerned with running the camp. Alphonse Pelles, a native of Luxembourg, told the court he saw… More ▸