• Drake gets invited to lots of Shabbat dinners

    Wow, Drake’s a busy guy. In addition to releasing a new song and organizing an impressive rap festival in Toronto, our favorite Canadian Jewish rapper is also currently on the cover of XXL’s 150th and 16th anniversary issue. In the accompanying Q&A he opened up about everything from his new album to the Amanda Bynes situation. Our favorite,… More ▸

  • Listen: Drake’s new song

    His new album doesn’t come out until Sept. 17, but Drake has released another teaser in the form of a new track. It’s called “Hold On We’re Going Home,” and it has a more mellow, disco-type feel than his usual raps. It’s a big week for Drake, who also brought some major stars over to… More ▸

  • Drake apologizes for J. Cole’s autism lyric

    While he usually makes news for decidedly unmensch-like behavior, like, you know, nightclub brawls with rap stars over female pop stars and stuff, Drake seems to be turning things around. The Canadian Jewish rapper has just announced he will remove a controversial lyric fellow rapper J. Cole contributed to one of his tracks, USA Today reports. “I’m… More ▸

  • Drake to appear in ‘Anchorman 2′

    Jewish Canadian rapper Drake was seen on the New York set of “Anchorman 2″ on Saturday afternoon. Kanye West also has a cameo in the sequel, which stars Will Ferrel, Christina Applegate, Paul Rudd, Steve Carrell, Kristen Wiig, Tina Fey, Amy Poelher, and Sacha Baron Cohen. In other words, most of the funny people currently… More ▸

  • Listen to Drake’s new song about getting angry when he’s up late

    Drake released a second single from his upcoming album, “Nothing Was the Same,” and the new song, “5AM in Toronto,” is full of bragging and angry words about staying up late. Drake’s producer, Noah Shebib, tweeted a link to the song early this morning, which Drizzy retweeted, before noting the song was produced by hip-hop… More ▸

  • Drake makes it rain money at Charlotte strip club

    Umm, this is a bit excessive.
    Jewish Canadian hip hop artist Drake appeared at a strip club in Charlotte, NC over the weekend, and made it rain- literally- with cash.
    He showed up with a cardboard box filled with bricks of cash, and tossed some $50,000 worth of singles at the dancers, according to TMZ. Pal rapper Bleu Davinci allegedly chipped in to the night’s fun with $25,000.
    We’re not sure where the spontaneous generosity is coming from, but maybe this is Drake’s way of mourning Rihanna’s recent PDA with Chris Brown? Or maybe he’s really mad Steven Spielberg was snubbed at the Oscars and decided to unleash through Benjamins. We’ll never know. More ▸