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  • Gestapo Major Who Terrorized French Jews Captured in Austria; to Be Tried in France

    The newspaper Franc Tireur reports today from Vienna that Gestapo Major Brunner, who terrorized the Jews of France during the occupation, has been arrested there. Brunner commanded the infamous Drancy camp and was in charge of anti-Jewish persecution in France. He personally directed the huge round-up of Jews on the Riviera in the Fall of… More ▸

  • Paris Court Sentences Jew to Death for Helping Arrest and Rob Jewish Internees

    A special court today sentenced to death Silvain Baur, a Jewish internce at the Drancy concentration camp, who helped the Gestapo and the Vichy militia arrest and loot Jews. Baur is alleged, in this manner, to have made 100,000 frances monthly, which was supplemented, from time to time, by fees of 500,000 frances, each, which… More ▸

  • Memorial Held for Fifty French Jewish Hostages Killed by Gestapo

    Several hundred persons braved the cold and the rain yesterday to assemble at the Puteaux cemetery outside Paris to attend a memorial for 50 Jews slain in Dec. 1941 at Mont Valercann. The Jews were killed together with sixty non-Jewish members of resistance organizations in a Gestapo reprisal. All 50 had been residents of Paris… More ▸

  • 100 German and Austrian Jews Still Held in French Camps As Enemy Nationals

    About 100 German and Austrian Jews are confined in the concentration camps of Drancy and Noissy le Soo as enemy nationals, but efforts are being made to secure their release, it was learned today. Andre Blumel, an official of the Ministry of the Interieur has ordered that investigation of their cases be expedited in order… More ▸

  • Paris Jews Robbed of Property Worth Ten Billion Francs, Jewish Leader Estimates

    Jews in Paris have been robbed of property worth at least 10,000,000,000 francs in addition to household articles and furniture taken away from them during the German occupation, it was estimated here today by Avrom Alperin, president of the Jewish Unity Committee. Chief Rabbi Julian Weill of Paris told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency correspondent today… More ▸

  • Paris Jews Concerned at Attempts to Prevent Return Home of Non-french Deportees

    The Jews in Paris and elsewhere in France are deeply concerned at attempts by powerful groups to prevent the return home of deported Jews who were not French citizens. The Jewish Telegraphic Agency correspondent was told that such sentiments have been voiced even in influential government circles. The proposal by these groups that the non-citizens… More ▸

  • Frenchmen Prepare to Challenge Return of Confiscated Jewish Property to Owners

    Frenchmen who acquired confiscated Jewish property during the German occupation are expected to put up a strong legal fight to retain this property despite the abrogation of transactions completed under the Vichy anti-Jewish laws, it was indicated here today. More than 2,000 Nazi-appointed real estate managers and at least 5,000 business administrators operated confiscated Jewish… More ▸

  • Member of Rothschild Family Among French Hostages Taken from Paris

    Fifteen of 50 French hostages taken at Drancy by the SS Captain Brunner during the Nazi retreat escaped at Nancy, according to Jacques Langberg, one of the escaped prisoners, who arrived in Paris today. Among those who did not escape were Marcel Bloch, airplane manufacturer, and Armand Cohen, member of the Rothschild family. Brunner, together… More ▸