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  • Broad Foundation to give $400 million to Harvard-MIT venture

    If you needed further proof that Jewish mega-donors trend toward giving to higher education, check out this scoop from the Chronicle of Philanthropy: “Eli and Edythe L. Broad will announce this morning that they are pledging $400-million to endow the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, in Cambridge, Mass., a biomedical-research center that is jointly… More ▸

  • Translating the Bible… into Hebrew

    Ha’aretz reports on an effort underway in Israel to translate the Bible into modern Hebrew: In Israel – which was established 60 years ago as the national home of the Jewish people, which “gave the world the eternal Book of Books” (according to the Declaration of Independence), and whose official languages, alongside Arabic, include that… More ▸

  • Feinstein gives to scholarship program, but not to UJA

    Alan Shawn Feinstein, a philanthropist in Rhode Island, is bailing out a scholarship program that went belly up. Feinstein had been giving out $2,000 college scholarships to students through a nonprofit advocacy organization, The Education Partnership. But the partnership went into receivership in June, the Providence Journal reports. Feinstein has offered to pay out the… More ▸

  • No Ross, but parables aplenty at CAJE’s opening plenary

    Joel Hoffman filled in for Dennis Ross as the CAJE conference’s keynote speaker. Dennis Ross was supposed to be the keynote speaker for CAJE’s opening plenary Sunday night. But he called in sick at the last minute, informing conference organizers Saturday night that he would not attend. Nevertheless, CAJE-ians made out pretty well with Ross’… More ▸

  • Sex at CAJE: God didn’t ban homosexuality, the rabbis did

    Richard Fruend talks about the Jewish ethics of sex. Sort of. I am sitting in a class ostensibly about teaching Jewish sexual ethics to high school, college and seminary students, given by Richard Freund, a professor of Jewish ethics at Hartford University. It’s halfway through the session, and still no talk of sex. But Freund… More ▸

  • Joel Marks Five Years at YU with Record Fund-raising Haul

    The spring semester is in full swing, and the president of Yeshiva University, Richard Joel, is walking the two-and-a-half blocks from the school’s main study hall to his office. It should take about four minutes. But with Joel, it takes considerably longer. Students and faculty members stop him as he makes his way south on… More ▸

  • Blavatnik to give $5 million to Tel Aviv U.

    The Blavatnik Family Foundation will give Tel Aviv University $5 million to help build the school’s computer science program. The foundation of Russian-born American industrialist Len Blavatnik will fund an extensive expansion of the school’s interdisciplinary research in computer science, award multiple graduate fellowships and create new positions for gifted young faculty, according to a… More ▸

  • Chicago federation tries a new model to build day school endowment

    The JUF-Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago thinks that it has a formula to help solve the “cost of day school” problem. The Chicago federation has started building an endowment – dubbed the Jewish Day School Guaranty Trust Fund – to give every day school in the metropolitan area a grant for each of its students…. More ▸