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  • Military Restrictions Impede Civilian Planes Flying to Eilat

    Israeli military restrictions placed on flight patterns pose risks to civilian planes en route to Eilat. The southern flight route to Eilat has turned into a security risk because of the limitations set by the air force, the Israeli daily Ha’aretz reported this week. In recent months, a number of incidents occurred including several near… More ▸

  • Earthquake Strikes Near Eilat

    An earthquake registering 5.4 on the Richter scale shook parts of Israel this week. No damages or injuries were reported as a result of the tremor, which struck early Wednesday morning. The quake, whose epicenter was 75 miles south of Eilat, was felt as far north as the coastal city of Netanya. Officials at Israel’s… More ▸

  • Allies Approve Plan to Facilitate Passage of Ships to Port of Eilat

    The Persian Gulf War allies have agreed to a plan that will facilitate the passage of ships to the port of Eilat, which have been intercepted by U.N. forces responsible for enforcing the naval blockade of Iraq. Under the new procedure, Israel will give U.N. forces five days’ notice for cargo ships passing through the… More ▸

  • U.s., Israel Agree on New Procedure to Soften Blockade’s Impact on Eilat

    The United States and Israel have agreed upon a new procedure to resolve the problem of Israeli ships headed to Eilat being stopped in the Straits of Tiran by the U.S.-led United Nations naval force blockading Iraq. Under a new plan presented by the Americans this week to Gad Yaacobi, Israel’s ambassador to the United… More ▸

  • Peres Says Eilat Embargo Crisis is on Its Way to Being Resolved

    Foreign Minister Shimon Peres said this week that a dispute with the United Nations over Israeli shipping through the Straits of Tiran to the port of Eilat would be resolved within a few days. The blockade, under the auspices of the U.N. Security Council, was put into effect to prevent the supply of war materiel… More ▸

  • Efforts to Enforce Blockade of Iraq Threaten to Shut Down Port of Eilat

    Stepped-up efforts to enforce the international blockade of Iraq threaten to shut down Eilat’s port, Israeli officials are complaining. Inspectors from the allied forces have lately been stopping ships entering the Gulf of Eilat, to prevent the supply of goods to Iraq via the Jordanian port of Aqaba, located a dozen miles across the gulf… More ▸

  • Jordanians Confront Tour Boat in Rare Clash in Gulf of Eilat

    In the first serious incident of its kind, an Israeli tour boat and a Jordanian coast guard ship engaged in a serious clash last Friday night in the Gulf of Eilat. The Israeli navy was forced to intervene in order to prevent blood from being spilled, the Israeli daily Ma’ariv reported Monday. During the late… More ▸

  • PLO Was Behind Attack on Eilat, Israeli Intelligence Chief Says

    Although the Palestine Liberation Organization says it has abandoned terrorism, its mainstream Al Fatah branch was responsible for the attempted terrorist attack near Eilat last month, according to Israel’s military intelligence chief. The attack would have caused a bloodbath among civilians had it succeeded, Maj. Gen. Uri Saguy said Monday, on the occasion of Israel… More ▸

  • Israel Holding Jordan Responsible for Terrorist Incident Near Eilat

    Top Israeli officials are holding Jordan responsible for a terrorist infiltration over the weekend that claimed the life of an Israeli watchman and might have led to a bloodbath on the Eilat beach. But such a disaster was averted when Israeli security forces gunned down two heavily armed terrorist frogmen after they swam ashore south… More ▸

  • Gold Mine Found Near Eilat, but a Gold Rush is Unlikely

    A 1,000-year-old gold mine has been discovered just north of Eilat, but it is not likely to set off a gold rush to the Negev, archaeologists who found it say. The mine has been dated between 800 and 1000 C.E., the period when Palestine was ruled by the Islamic Ummayad dynasty. But the mine was… More ▸