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  • Israel, Eritrea Sign Medical Pact

    Israel and Eritrea have signed a medical cooperation agreement under which Israel will provide the East African nation with medical equipment and expertise. Israeli Health Minister Ephraim Sneh signed the agreement last week during a visit to the country, which was formerly a part of Ethiopia. Sneh also presented Eritrea with two incubators valued at… More ▸

  • Alliance Israelite Forms Committees in Sudan and Eritrea

    The Alliance Israelite Universelle today announced the formation of two more Alliance committees abroad, one in Khartoum, Sudan, and the other in Asmara, Eritrea. Alliance leader Andre Chouraqui recently returned from these two areas where he helped the committees with their initial organization. More ▸

  • British High Court Rules Palestine Government May Deport Citizens to Eritrea

    The Privy Council, Britain’s highest appeals court, today dismissed an appeal by attorneys for Arich Ben Eliezer, who was deported to Eritrea by the Palestine Government. The attorneys had charged that deportation of Palestinian citizens outside the borders of the country was illegal. Max Seligman, chief defense counsel, predicted that the verdict would cause increased… More ▸

  • British High Court Opens Hearing on Legality of Deportations to Eritrea

    The Privy Council, Britain’s highest appellate court this morning began hearing an appeal on behalf of Ben Eliezer, a Palestine Jew deported to Eritrea. The defense counsel maintained that the deportations to Eritrea were not within the jurisdiction of the commander-in-chief in Palestine. More ▸

  • International Red Cross Urges Freeing of Some Jewish Internees Deported to Eritrea

    A committee of the International Red Cross, which has just completed an investigation of the camp at Asmara, Eritrea, where Jewish deportees from Palestine are confined, has recommended that investigation of the prisoners be speeded up, that those against whom no charges can be filed be released and that the living conditions at the camp… More ▸

  • Internees in Cyprus, Eritrea, Latrun and Athlit Will Vote in Congress Elections

    Jewish internees at Cyprus and deportees in Eritrea will take part in the elections for delegates to the coming World Zionist Congress. Prisoners in the Latrun detention camp and Jews held in the Athlit clearance camp will also participate. The elections in the Palestine camps and in Cyprus will be held on Oct. 28, when… More ▸

  • Deportations from Palestine to Eritrea Still Possible, British Minister Indicates

    In view of the present situation in Palestine, no assurances can be given that there will not be further deportations of Palestine Jews to Eritrea, Arthur Creech-Jones, Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies, said today. (In Jerusalem today, the Irgun Zvai Leumi, Jewish extremist group, submitted a memorandum to the Anglo-American inquiry committee, in which… More ▸