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  • Estonia Feting Nazi Past Infuriates European Officials, Russian Jews

    Estonia’s commemoration of its pro-German World War II past, including the re-enactment of a Nazi victory, has outraged European officials and the Russian Jewish community. A week ago, veterans of the Waffen SS 20th Estonian Division celebrated the anniversary of the first clashes between Estonian pro-German troops and the Soviet Army in 1941. And on… More ▸

  • Estonian Jews Keeping Mum in Fray over Relocation of Soviet Memorial

    Partisans on both sides are trying to draw this country’s tiny Jewish population into the bitter fray over the Estonian government’s decision to relocate a Soviet war memorial. The “Bronze Soldier,” a statue representing a World War II-era Red Army fighter, was moved from its central downtown location to a military cemetery on the outskirts… More ▸

  • Leaving the Soviet Era Behind, a Shul Opens in Estonia Capital

    Europe’s last remaining capital without a synagogue has ended that dubious distinction. Amid a crowd of media, dignitaries and hundreds of local Jews, Tallinn opened its first shul since its original synagogue was destroyed in 1944 during a bombing raid against the fleeing Germans. The May 16 opening closed a chapter of Estonian history that… More ▸

  • Reward Program for Nazi Criminals to Launch Ads in Latvia and Estonia

    A reward for information on Nazi war criminals has led the Lithuanian government to investigate possible war crimes in two of the country’s villages. In July, the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the Miami-based Targun Shlishi Foundation launched Operation Last Chance, a program offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to the conviction and punishment… More ▸

  • Estonia to Mark Holocaust Day, but Jewish Issue Still Controversial

    After years of mounting pressure from Western governments, the Estonian Cabinet has designated Jan. 27 as Holocaust Day. However, the government did not make public observance compulsory — so it’s unclear how widespread observance will be — and the Ministry of Education has not yet announced specific educational programs. The date falls on the anniversary… More ▸

  • Reward for Tips on War Criminals Shines Spotlight on Estonia’s Record

    A program offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of Nazi war criminals has incited a heated dispute in Estonia that could hinder the country’s bid to join NATO. Two days after Operation Last Chance was announced July 8 by the Nazi-hunting Simon Wiesenthal Center, Efraim Zuroff, director of the center’s Israel… More ▸

  • Estonian Nazi Collaborator Buried with Honors in National Cemetery

    The remains of the man who commanded Estonia’s Nazi- sponsored SS division during World War II has been reburied in the country’s national cemetery alongside the graves of some of the Baltic nation’s leading historical figures. Estonia’s top state and military officials attended Saturday’s ceremony honoring Alfons Rebane, who is regarded by many Estonians as… More ▸