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  • Help to Hunter: In the tradition of “Tikkun Olam”?

    A Jewish Democratic leader says the financial help Fred Baron gave to John Edwards’s former mistress could be classified as one of the acts of “Tikkun Olam” that the Dallas lawyer been doing for many years. Marc Stanley, chairman of the National Jewish Democratic Council and a Dallas lawyer, called Baron “an exceedingly generous person”… More ▸

  • The Jewish link to the Edwards scandal

    If there’s a political sex scandal, it seems there’s always some kind of Jewish involvement. We had Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton’s relationship, and a few years later there was Chandra Levy and Gary Condit. And it’s not just Jewish women– on the male side, Eliot Spitzer was visiting prostitutes just last year. So it… More ▸

  • The day after Steve Cohen’s big win

    Rep. Steve Cohen’s (D-Tenn.) victory in yesterday’s Democratic congressional primary wasn’t necessarily a surprise, but his 60 percentage point margin of victory was unexpected–and perhaps a sign why his African-American opponent, Nikki Tinker, was desperate enough to run an ad deemed anti-Semitic by many observers. First of all, if you never saw the ad, which… More ▸

  • Obama wades into Black-Jewish tensions in Memphis

    Barack Obama today condemned a television advertisement that portrayed Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) as an outsider because of his Judaism, but Cohen’s campaign manager said he didn’t think the statement by the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee would make much of a difference as voters go to the polls today. “These incendiary and personal attacks have… More ▸

  • Buzz on Cantor as McCain Veep

    The buzz is intensifying about John McCain’s consideration of Rep. Eric Cantor (Va.), the only Jewish Republican in the House, as a possible running mate. After we blogged about this last week, McCain asked Cantor to submit his personal documents (see JTA’s news item here). This week, the U.K. Telegraph takes a closer look at… More ▸

  • Coming soon…

    We’re on a bit of a break over here for the next few days. But starting Aug. 6, we will have a second writer in D.C. – Eric Fingerhut – who will be manning the blog full time. The move will allow us to ramp up our election coverage, both in terms of the presidential… More ▸

  • Cantor for Veep?

    Over at Power Line, Joel Mowbray reports on the possibility that Eric Cantor, the House’s minority whip and its only Jewish GOP member, could end up as John McCain’s running mate: With the speculation machine at full tilt this week that McCain may soon announce his running mate, one name not commonly bandied about deserves… More ▸

  • Obama in Israel: What to look for

    It’s not quite as big a stage as the AIPAC policy conference in Washington, but plenty of pundits and Jewish observers will be paying attention Wednesday as Barack Obama visits Israel (the first half of the sentence was a joke … I think). Obama spoke at the AIPAC parley back in early June, the morning… More ▸