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Federation of Galician Jews

  • American Jewish Assembly to Convene July 1; Elections Not Later Than June 14

    The Executive Committee of the American Jewish Assembly today announced July 1 as the tentative date for the convening of the Assembly. The election of the 375 delegates to the American Jewish Assembly to be chosen from Jewish communities by democratically convened conferences or representatives of organizations in communities and regions, will take place not… More ▸

  • United Sentiment on Palestine to Be Voiced at Z.o. Convention

    The thirty-third annual convention of the Zionist Organization of America, to begin in Cleveland on June 29 will be a demonstration of united American Jewish interest in Palestine, where American Jewry will be able to “give expression to its views with regard to present political conditions that prevail in Palestine”, according to a letter sent… More ▸

  • Banquet to Honor Abraham Goldberg

    The twenty-fifth anniversary of Abraham Goldberg’s activities in the Zionist movement will be celebrated at a banquet in his honor at the Level Club, New York, on January 6th, according to an announcement issued by the Ab. Goldberg Jubilee Committee, of which Rev. Z. H. Maslianski is honorary chairman and Jacob Fishman, Managing Editor of… More ▸

  • Digest of Public Opinion on Jewish Matters

    [The purpose of the Digest is informative. Preference is given to papers not generally accessible to our readers. Quotation does not indicate approval.–Editor.] The fact that infractions of the Minorities Treaties, beside the political wrongs resulting therefrom, have “injured women and children and have been one of the causes whereby victims of immorality or of… More ▸

  • Plan New Body to Unite All Landsmanschaften

    A plan to create a federation of federations to comprise the representatives of the various Jewish landsmanschaft organizations in the United States was discussed at a meeting held at the home of Benjamin Winter, president of the Federation of Polish Jews in America. Leo Wolfson, president of the Federation of Roumanian Jews, Philip Wattenberg, president… More ▸

  • Anti-zionist Body in Germany Urges Members to Refrain from Palestine Work

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) Refusal to participate in the Palestine reconstruction work was expressed in a resolution adopted yesterday at the annual meeting of the Zentral Verein Deutscher Buerger des Juedischen Glaubens, an anti-Zionist body in Germany. The resolution was adopted following a heated discussion on the question of participation in the Keren Hayesod collections in… More ▸