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  • Jewish charities in Britain are less transparent than most

    The London Jewish Chronicle is reporting that Jewish charities are among the worst in Britain when it comes to being open and transparent. An independent charity watchdog, Intelligent Giving, studied the reporting of 500 English charities and gave each a percentage score based on a number of criteria. The 10 worst charities on the list… More ▸

  • Non-profit CEO salaries are up

    Despite all the talk that charities are in trouble because of the weakening economy and layoffs at non-profits, it does not yet appear that the people running those organizations are hurting. According to a study released Aug. 1 by, the CEOs of non-profits actually saw an increase in salaries last year. Overall, the average… More ▸

  • Some sexy swag at Heeb’s latest party

    The goody bag that Heeb gave out at the New York launch party for its summer issue. Contents include Michael Chabon’s “The Yiddish Policeman’s Union,” an issue of the Heeb swimsuit edition, a screening copy of Jakie Mason’s latest video, Bacon Salt, a “Loser” headband, breath mints, a couple of buttons, body wipes and a… More ▸

  • YU takes aim at a recession-proof billion dollar campaign

    My colleague Ben Harris has an interesting profile on Yeshiva University President Richard Joel. Under Joel, who came to Y.U. in 2003 after serving as the president of Hillel for 14 years, the university’s fund raising has absolutely skyrocketed. Its budget has tripled since 2006, including a $100 million gift from fertilizer magnate Ronald Stanton,… More ▸

  • Falling dollar woes strike religious institutions in Israel

    According to the Jerusalem Post story, a new report says that the falling dollar has cost religious institutions in Israel some 350 million shekels. (Or what used to be $90 million but is now more than $100 million.) From the story: The survey is based on data from more than 80 haredi charity organizations such… More ▸

  • Do non-profits pay too much to outside fund-raisers?

    The Los Angeles Times took a look at how much non-profits pay for-profit outside fund-raisers – and found that the non-profits take home on average less than half of what the fund-raisers collect. The investigation looked only at non-profits in California that had hired outside firms and non-profits with national campaigns that raised money in… More ▸

  • Hebrew U. tabs Gates for first Einstein Award

    The American Friends of Hebrew University will give Bill Gates its first ever Einstein Award. Gates, the Microsoft founder who recently left his job to work full time at his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, will receive the award at a gala dinner in New York in December. Proceeds from the dinner will help to… More ▸

  • Do Jewish nonprofits have it tougher?

    The New York Jewish Week reports this week that the editor in chief of the Chronicle of Philanthropy thinks Jewish nonprofits might have a tougher time than others as the economy weakens, primarily because they are smaller than others. The Jewish Week asks: Is what’s happening among Jewish nonprofits mirroring the situation in the philanthropy… More ▸