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  • A Minnesota court ruling could cost you your non-profit status

    A December court decision in Minnesota could cost some Jewish non-profits their tax-exempt status, according to philanthropy experts. The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled this winter that the Rainbow Child Care Center in Red Wing was no longer exempt from paying property taxes as a 501c3 because it did not provide discounts on tuition to anyone… More ▸

  • Lehman Brothers loses $3 billion

    The current economic crisis hit home when Bear Stearns crashed, putting Jewish philanthropies – especially in New York – on notice. Now, it seems, another historically Jewish bank could be in trouble? The country’s fourth largest bank, Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. posted a nearly $3 billion loss Monday, according to CNN Money. More ▸

  • Culture club

    The Foundation for Jewish Culture held its annual Jewish Cultural Achievement Awards gala Thursday night at the Center for Jewish History in New York. The FJC, which was started in 1968 by the precursor to the UJC, the Council of Jewish Federations, has given out the awards since 1985, and recipients have included the likes… More ▸

  • BusinessWeek: Hard times ahead for philanthropy

    As part of its look at the budding American recession, BusinessWeek runs an article painting a dreary immediate future for the charitable world, as non-profits face budget shortages and corporate philanthropy faces shrinking profit margins. The story quotes Fundermentalist favorite Richard Marker: The pain is likely to be visited first, and most harshly, on organizations… More ▸

  • Eckstein cruises to Alaska

    Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, the president and founder of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, is not only acting a little chilly towards the Jewish Agency right now. He wants to take you into the deep cold as well, according to the mass (no pun intended) e-mail we just got from him: Only 2 Days… More ▸