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  • Silverman: We can get through this stronger if we work together

    Jerry Silverman just gave his first stage of the federations address as the CEO of the Jewish Federations of North America, delivering the messag eof hpe that many have attached simply to his hiring. In our past interviews, Silverman has tried to assuage some of the more extreme in the system who think that he… More ▸

  • Some philanthropy details

    Morlie Levin, the former president of Hadassah read off  some general findings on the impact of the economy on Jewish philanthropy, according to the JPPI study, which has not been released yet: The vast majority of Jews, now 90 percent live, in economically affluent and politically stable environments. Israel ranks 27 out of 179 countries… More ▸

  • Iran? Really?

    For some reason this session on the economic crisis started off with an address by Canadian Parliament member Irwin Cotler, about the threat of Iran. After focusing on Iran’s military threat, he turned to “the matter of domestic repression” built on “the murder the beatings the imprisonments, the rape and the like, and the things… More ▸

  • Edelstein: A time to cut?

    Yuli Edelstein, Israel’s minister of diaspora affairs, just opened up a workshop given by the Nadav Fund about the findings of a soon to be released Jewish People Planning Policy Institute. I’m interested in this panel because it will essentially give Israel’s thoughts on where we are as a Jewish world in the pos-recession world,… More ▸

  • Covenant Foundation gives out its annual awards

    The Covenant Foundation gave out its annual Covenant Awards for innovative Jewish educators Sunday night at the Marriot In Washington, D.C., wher ethe Jewish Federations of North America is holding its annual General Assembly.   The Covenant Foundation, which is funded by the Crown Family of Chicago, has given out the awards, which 1991 to… More ▸

  • No Obama for the GA

     It’s barely even Sunday, and we have the first big piece of news at the General Assembly of the Jewish Federations of North America: President Obama has canceled his highly anticipated speaking appearance Tuesday because he will instead attend memorial services for the victims of the shootings at Fort Hood, Texas. The talk at the… More ▸

  • Big stars and nuts and bolts at the GA

    The annual conference of the Jewish federation system, which is set to take place Nov. 8-11 in Washington, will be highlighted by big-name guest appearances, but the conference itself promises to be heavy on the nuts-and-bolts fund-raising issues facing local federations. More ▸

  • Nevzlin to be international chair of the GA

    The UJC/Jewish Federations of North America has named ex-Russian oligarch Leonid Nevzlin, who now lives in Israel, as the international chair of its annual General Assembly, which will be held in Washington, D.C., in November. Nevzlin is becoming more involved in the federation system and its overseas activities apparently. In June, just before the executive… More ▸

  • Business first at the Jewish Agency’s BOG

    OK. The G.A. is over. Time for the Jewish Agency’s board of governors’ meetings. There wasn’t even a half hour break Wednesday between the closing plenary of the G.A. and the opening plenary of the Jewish Agency’s gathering. A much more intimate affair, the BOG is taking place over the next two days at the… More ▸