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  • James Franco pissed with Gawker’s gay rapist joke

    Actor James Franco, who’s been dealing with plenty of speculations regarding his sexual orientation, had to deal with one that may have gone a little too far. Franco finally commented on the latest issue of Playboy Magazine about a post made by popular gossip site Gawker about 3 years ago, which jokingly suggested that he might be a gay… More ▸

  • Heeb not closing, according to publisher

    Despite a rumor on Gawker saying otherwise, Heeb Magazine is not folding, the magazine’s publisher told the Fundermentalist. Gawker, the online tab, printed Monday that its sources had said that the former Joshua Venture project was closing: A tipster informs us that Heeb—the favorite rag of Holocaust-mocking hipster Jews everywhere—is going kaput. Details? But Heeb’s… More ▸