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  • Czech Workers Strike Against Return to Jew of Property Confiscated by Razis

    All workers in the Warnsdorf district of Board want on strike yesterday in protest against the return to Emil Bear, 70-year-old Jewish industrialist, of a factory confiscated during the German occupation. The strikers allege that Bear engaged in "Germination" in the pre-Minion are and demand that he and his lawyer be deported with the other… More ▸

  • Poland Pictured As ‘jewish Danger Spot’

    The German press is conducting a violent campaign picturing Poland as a “Jewish danger spot” menacing the existence of the German nation. The campaign is evidently aimed at justifying in German eyes the abandonment of Hitler’s proclaimed racial policy of not incorporating alien peoples into the Reich and also the abandonment of the plan to… More ▸

  • ‘non-aryan’ Christians Also Forced to Wear Armbands

    “Non-Aryan” Christians are among the most pathetic victims of Nazi anti-Semitism in Poland. In all Polish towns under the German occupation Jews are forced to wear armlets with a blue Star of David, the earlier revocation of this order having been rescinded. “Non-Aryan” Christians must wear a similar armband with a small cross superimposed. The… More ▸

  • War, Executions, Disease Wiped out 250,000 Jews in Nazi Poland, ‘white Book’ Charges

    An estimated 250,000 Jews have been wiped out by military operations, executions, disease and starvation in Nazi Poland, the World Jewish Congress charged today in a 15-page “Jewish White Book.” The document, which records anti-Jewish barbarism since outbreak of the war, is supplemented by five pages of documentary evidence. The record contains the darkest narration… More ▸

  • 2,500 Suicides Counted; Firing Squads Shoot 616

    It was established today that more than 2,500 Jews have committed suicide in German-occupied Poland, as Polish Government sources reported the execution of 616 Jews by Nazis in two Polish cities. The suicides included more than 1,300 in Warsaw, more than 600 in Lodz, 80 in Lublin, more than 60 in Bendin, more than 60… More ▸

  • Roosevelt to Get Rally’s Resolution Asking Action on Nazi Oppression

    The American Jewish Congress and Jewish Labor Committee planned today to send a delegation to Washington in the near future to present to the Government a resolution adopted at last night’s mass meeting of 20,000 persons in the Madison Square Garden appealing to President Roosevelt to express to the German Government "America’s abhorrence and condemnation"… More ▸