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  • Families Who Lost Children in Haifa Bombing Find No Answers

    “Answer me,” blared the headline of an Israeli newspaper Thursday, summarizing a father’s desperate efforts to reach his son after their cell phone conversation was cut off by a suicide bomb attack. For Yossi Mendelevitch, what he feared most came true: His son Yuval, 13, was among the 15 people killed in Wednesday’s bombing of… More ▸

  • Deadly Haifa Suicide Bombing Followed Many Thwarted Attacks

    A suicide bus bombing in Haifa has shattered a relative period of calm in Israel and served as a stark reminder to a country bracing for the possible implications of a U.S.-led war against Iraq. With the United States stepping up military and diplomatic preparations for a possible strike against Iraq, much of Israel was… More ▸

  • New Bahai Gardens in Haifa Offer an Oasis of Peace Amid the Intifada

    For just a while this week, Israelis enjoyed a forgotten pleasure — some favorable international attention. Some 4,500 visitors from nearly 200 countries converged on Haifa to attend the opening ceremonies of the Bahai Carmel Gardens located at the world headquarters of the Bahai faith. An estimated $250 million — contributed by 5 million Bahai… More ▸

  • Haifa Religious Council to Meet with Non-orthodox Representatives

    A Knesset vote aimed at setting back the cause of religious pluralism in Israel has been put on hold. In the latest in a string of victories for the Conservative and Reform movements, a Knesset committee refused this week to back a bill that would block the appointment of non-Orthodox representatives to local religious councils…. More ▸

  • Court in Haifa Recognizes Lesbian Couple As Family Unit

    For the first time in Israel, a court has recognized a lesbian couple as a family unit. The recognition came as a magistrates court considered the request of a woman for a restraining order to keep her partner away from the house. The woman claimed that her partner was alcoholic, and would come home drunk… More ▸

  • Haifa University Reopens U.S. Office

    After a six-year absence, the University of Haifa has reopened its office in New York. “It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense not to have an office in the United States,” said Joel Leibowitz, executive vice president of the American Society- University of Haifa. Most Israeli universities maintain offices in New York, but Haifa… More ▸

  • Israel Arrests 2 Activists for Blocking Ship Near Haifa

    Israeli officials arrested two members of the Greenpeace environmental group Sunday for blocking what the activists believed was the dumping of toxic waste into the Mediterranean. Early Sunday morning, Greenpeace activists in rubber rafts reportedly surrounded the trawler Aribel, off the cost of Haifa, in an effort to prevent it from dumping some 300 tons… More ▸

  • 14 Jordanian Youngsters Attend Haifa Festival on First Trip to Israel.

    Noshing on traditional Chanukah jelly doughnuts and grasping Israeli and Jordanian flags, 14 youngsters from Amman were among the first Jordanian tourists to visit Israel on Monday. The children, ages 7 to 14, were invited to Israel to take part in the Festigal, a two-day music festival celebrated annually in Haifa on Chanukah. After making… More ▸

  • Haifa Family Crushed by Truck

    A Haifa woman, her mother and her two young children were crushed to death outside their house this week when a cement-mixer truck overturned and fell on them. The dead were identified as Jimalah Dakwar, 32, her son Base, 8, her daughter Ula, 4, and her mother, Leah. Imad Dakwar, the children’s father, was standing… More ▸

  • Floating Through Haifa on Leave

    The U.S.S. George Washington, the world’s largest aircraft carrier, anchored this week in Haifa for a five-day shore leave for the crew. The arrival of the giant floating city, with its 5,500 officers and men, was welcomed by Haifa’s store owners. But the arrival proved to be a major problem for Israeli users of cellular… More ▸