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  • 14 Jordanian Youngsters Attend Haifa Festival on First Trip to Israel.

    Noshing on traditional Chanukah jelly doughnuts and grasping Israeli and Jordanian flags, 14 youngsters from Amman were among the first Jordanian tourists to visit Israel on Monday. The children, ages 7 to 14, were invited to Israel to take part in the Festigal, a two-day music festival celebrated annually in Haifa on Chanukah. After making… More ▸

  • Haifa Family Crushed by Truck

    A Haifa woman, her mother and her two young children were crushed to death outside their house this week when a cement-mixer truck overturned and fell on them. The dead were identified as Jimalah Dakwar, 32, her son Base, 8, her daughter Ula, 4, and her mother, Leah. Imad Dakwar, the children’s father, was standing… More ▸

  • Floating Through Haifa on Leave

    The U.S.S. George Washington, the world’s largest aircraft carrier, anchored this week in Haifa for a five-day shore leave for the crew. The arrival of the giant floating city, with its 5,500 officers and men, was welcomed by Haifa’s store owners. But the arrival proved to be a major problem for Israeli users of cellular… More ▸

  • American-built Ship Arrives in Haifa

    The Israeli navy this week received the first of three high-tech missile ships that were built in the United States according to the specifications of Israeli naval engineers. The ship, known as the Eilat, arrived Wednesday in Haifa. The two other ships are nearing the end of construction at shipyards in Mississippi. The ships carry… More ▸

  • Haifa Theater Cancels Redgrave Show

    The Haifa Municipal Theater has been forced by intense public pressure to withdraw an invitation to British stage and screen star Vanessa Redgrave to appear in two performances of the play “Brecht in Exile” next week. The actress, a longtime fervent supporter of Yasser Arafat and the Palestine Liberation Organization he heads, has often and… More ▸

  • Ancient Ingots Found off Haifa Coast

    Archaeologists working under water have uncovered more than 60 rare copper ingots, dating from the Late Bronze Age, the Antiquities Authority reported this week. It is believed that the copper, used to make weapons and utensils, was part of a cargo of a ship that sank off the coast of the Haifa area around 3,500… More ▸

  • Haifa Mayor Defeated in Primary

    Reserve Maj. Gen. Amram Mitzna, the retired military leader who raised questions about Israel’s handling of the Lebanon War, trounced the incumbent mayor of Haifa in the Labor Party primary for the mayoral post. The dovish Mitzna, who retired from the army just two months ago, won 63 percent of the vote Tuesday to 37… More ▸

  • Popular General Doffs His Uniform, Announces Bid to Become Haifa Mayor

    Maj. Gen. Amram Mitzna, a popular if controversial Israel Defense Force general who retired from his military career last week, has announced he will run for mayor of Haifa. Mitzna said he would decide within the next few days whether to compete in the Labor Party primaries for the mayoral candidate or whether to run… More ▸

  • Oldest Olives Found Near Haifa

    Traces of what are believed to be the oldest olives in the world, and indications of their early use for industrial purposes some 7,000 years ago, have been found in underwater archaeological digs off the Israeli coast, south of Haifa. The turbulent waters in recent storms have helped to uncover the remains of several primitive… More ▸

  • Syrian Ship Towed to Haifa Bay Skips Town Without Paying Bill

    A Syrian freighter, towed to Haifa in distress last week, skipped town without paying its bills to the repair yard that patched up its leaky hull. The 400-ton motorship Kayess and its crew of six sailed Wednesday with a certificate of seaworthiness from the Haifa Port Authority before the Gal Yam shipyards could obtain a… More ▸