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  • Culture Shock

     Don’t quite know what to make of this video. It’s supposed to ease American culture shock in Hungary. But I think it actually exacerbates it. Regardless, it features Adam Schonberger (of Siraly fame). Was this actually commissioned by the Hungarian Cultural Center in New York? More ▸

  • The Jewish Hangout of Budapest

    Years ago, philanthropist Michael Steinhardt financed the establishment of Makor, a spot on the Upper West Side that was supposed to allow Jews to do Jewish, and sometimes not-so-Jewish, things in a Jewish space that didn’t scream I’M A JEWISH SPACE! It didn’t work. And three years ago the building was sold and Makor was… More ▸

  • Budapest Stories

    After the Vienna train debacle, I finally managed to check into my hotel in Budapest after 10:00 Thursday. This is my third time here, and each time I’ve stayed at the King’s Hotel. It’s in the Jewish quarter, just down the street from the massive Dohany synagogue, the largest in Eastern Europe, convenient to much… More ▸

  • Hard At Work

    That’s me at the Cafe Spinoza in Budapest, hard at work on my final Vienna article (no, that only LOOKS like Facebook). (Thanks to Mircea Cernov for the photo). More ▸