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  • Around the Jewish World Controversial Flag Resurfaces in Hungarian Protests, Politics

    Amid street protests that turned violent around the 50th anniversary of Hungary’s famous anti-Soviet uprising, one visual has struck Hungarian Jews: the growing ubiquity of the country’s centuries-old Arpad flag. The red-and-white striped flag may best capture the aggressive mood of Hungarian politics today. With roots tracing back more than 800 years to a medieval… More ▸

  • Hungarian Jews Can’t Bank on Compensation for Accounts

    Growing up in small-town Hungary, Endre Schvab dreamed of being a pharmacist. But born in 1924, he came of age in an era when Hungary restricted its Jews from enrolling in university. Learning a trade was more realistic. “So the whole family decided he would become an optometrist,” recalls his daughter, Agnes Somlai. To that… More ▸

  • Around the Jewish World Peace Restored After Violent Protests, but Hungarian Jews Remain Concerned

    Peace has been restored to Budapest after violent anti-government protests tinged with anti-Semitism, but some Jews, particularly the elderly, worry about the impact of the turbulent political climate on Hungary’s Jewish community. “Older Jews feel worried, even threatened. They saw some men on the television wearing the old Hungarian Nazi uniform,” said Ferenc Olti, a… More ▸

  • In Hungary, and Around the World, Countries Mark Holocaust Memorial Day

    Politicians, Jewish leaders and members of the Catholic Church gathered at the Hungarian Parliament to mark the first-ever international memorial day for the Holocaust. “The tragedy of the Hungarian Jews started in this room, in the Upper House of the Hungarian Parliament with the passing of the anti-Jewish laws before the war,” Peter Feldmayer, the… More ▸

  • Around the Jewish World in Hungary, New Groups Seek to Expand Notion of Community

    An experiment is under way in Hungary to change the perception of Jewish community and broaden its definition to enable wider representation of grassroots Jewish interests. Called the Jewish Forum, the initiative links 18 of the country’s often fractious Jewish organizations into a loose coalition that also aims to provide a meeting point for individual… More ▸

  • Hungary Asks for Former Soldier Accused of Killing Jew During Wwii

    Hungary has requested that Australia extradite an 83-year-old man wanted for the World War II-era murder of a Jewish teenager. Charles Zentai, 83, who lives in Perth, was a soldier in the Hungarian army in November 1944 when he is alleged to have arrested Peter Balozs, 18, for not wearing the yellow Star of David,… More ▸

  • Arts & Culture Man Who Saved Hungarian Jews, Largely Unknown, is Featured in Film

    Until Nazi Germany occupied its wavering ally Hungary in March 1944, the Jews of Budapest had survived in relative safety, though they were severely restricted and harassed. But with the invasion, the arrival of Adolf Eichmann, and the enthusiastic cooperation of the native Arrow Cross fascists, the deportations and bloody killings of the city’s Jews… More ▸

  • Hungarian Man Living in Australia is Accused of World War Ii Crimes

    An Australian of Hungarian origin has been accused by the Simon Wiesenthal Center of murdering an 18-year-old Jewish man in Budapest in 1944. The center has advised the Australian and Hungarian governments that the 83-year-old man, Charles Zentai, is alleged to have beaten the young Jew to death in his Budapest army barracks in 1944… More ▸