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  • Hungary Asks for Former Soldier Accused of Killing Jew During Wwii

    Hungary has requested that Australia extradite an 83-year-old man wanted for the World War II-era murder of a Jewish teenager. Charles Zentai, 83, who lives in Perth, was a soldier in the Hungarian army in November 1944 when he is alleged to have arrested Peter Balozs, 18, for not wearing the yellow Star of David,… More ▸

  • Arts & Culture Man Who Saved Hungarian Jews, Largely Unknown, is Featured in Film

    Until Nazi Germany occupied its wavering ally Hungary in March 1944, the Jews of Budapest had survived in relative safety, though they were severely restricted and harassed. But with the invasion, the arrival of Adolf Eichmann, and the enthusiastic cooperation of the native Arrow Cross fascists, the deportations and bloody killings of the city’s Jews… More ▸

  • Hungarian Man Living in Australia is Accused of World War Ii Crimes

    An Australian of Hungarian origin has been accused by the Simon Wiesenthal Center of murdering an 18-year-old Jewish man in Budapest in 1944. The center has advised the Australian and Hungarian governments that the 83-year-old man, Charles Zentai, is alleged to have beaten the young Jew to death in his Budapest army barracks in 1944… More ▸

  • Hungarian Survivors Reach Deal with Government over ‘gold Train’

    Hungarian Holocaust survivors who sued the U.S. government are prepared to settle for a fraction of the worth of looted property they say U.S. troops mishandled after the war. Survivors were not “overjoyed” by Monday’s deal in the “Gold Train” case, said one of the lead plaintiffs, Alex Moskovic. Still, they were glad to bring… More ▸

  • Hungarian Actress Recognized by Yad Vashem for Saving Jews

    Katalin Karady, one of the most popular actresses in Hungary in the 1940s, has been recognized by Israel’s Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial as a Righteous Gentile for her efforts to save Jews during World War II. The award ceremony was organized by the Israeli Embassy in Hungary and held at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences… More ▸

  • In Hungary, Debate on Hate Speech Has Historical and Political Overtones

    United in their abhorrence of anti-Semitic and racist views, Hungarian liberals increasingly are at odds over the issue of hate speech and the wisdom of seeking to eliminate it through strict laws. Such a step would move Hungary closer to stringent European standards and away from the country’s American-oriented approach to free speech. The latest… More ▸

  • Hungarian Literati Divided by Salvo That Ignited Anti-semitic Firestorm

    When Hungarian writer Kornel Dobrentei implied at a right-wing rally earlier this year that Jews were imposing a moral Holocaust on Hungary, didn’t just spark one of the ugliest anti-Semitic episodes the country has seen in years. He also shook up Hungary’s literati. Since that rally in January, more than 160 writers have resigned from… More ▸

  • Debate over Budapest Museum Overshadowed by Terrorist Threat

    It has just been inaugurated, but Budapest’s new, state-run Holocaust Memorial Center already is stirring up a society that has yet to deal fully with its Holocaust history. A terrorism scare on the eve of Israeli President Moshe Katsav’s arrival for Thursday’s ceremony added further controversy to the opening of a facility that has been… More ▸