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  • On hold with the terrorists in Mumbai

    A N.Y. professor who grew up in India found himself in the surreal position of talking by phone to the terrorists holed up at the Chabad House in Mumbai.  He recounts the details in a Forward essay. He had heard about the attacks and: Then my nephew called. He told me that the Chabad-Lubavitch movement… More ▸

  • Continuing anguish over Mumbai

    In the aftermath of last week’s terror attacks, an Indian journalist expresses empathy for Israeli losses in an essay in the Jerusalem Post. This, in a way, is a shared experience, a shared tragedy, for India and Israel. Israel has suffered on account of Islamist terrorism for long. India has been bleeding since 1989. If… More ▸

  • Terrorism and mourning

    Readers of offer their own reminiscinces of Gavriel and Rivkah Holtzberg, the two Lubavitch emissaries killed in last week’s attacks. I Will Always Miss You Elias (Eliyahu) Samuel Ghosalkar, Mumbai I am a Jew residing in Mumbai who was a close friend of Rabbi Gavriel and his family. I have been shattered by the… More ▸

  • Terror in Mumbai

    Last week’s terror attacks in Mumbai continue to reverberate with fond memories, mourning, questioning and soul-searching. Here’s a round-up of the latest reports and commentaries: At a synagogue in Mumbai, the 2- year old orphan who lost his parents at the Chabad House cries out for them. Chabad’ s pointman in Washington talked to the… More ▸

  • With Business Booming in India, Young Jews Are Staying Put

    About 500 well-wishers gathered recently around Isaac Divekar and Siyona Garsulkar at their outdoor catered wedding reception at the Elie Kadoorie School here. Divekar, an accountant for a large investment firm, and Garsulkar, a human resources professional, had just married at one of this city’s noted synagogues, Magen Hassidim, built in 1931. Unlike many young… More ▸

  • India-israel Arms Trade Prompts Criticism in India

    India’s growing defense ties to Israel are prompting a negative backlash among some of India’s political leaders. Though India and Israel only established diplomatic relations in 1992, their relationship has blossomed over the past 15 years, particularly in the defense arena. India has become the Israeli defense industry’s top foreign customer, with some $1.5 billion… More ▸

  • Israel Will Soon Welcome from India Descendants of a ‘lost’ Jewish Tribe

    A group of 218 people from a remote mountainous corner of northeastern India who claim descent from one of the lost biblical tribes will be immigrating to Israel as recognized Jews for the first time. The aliyah of members from the Bnei Menashe community to Israel is a turning point, said Michael Freund, founder of… More ▸

  • Around the Jewish World India’s Jews Are Safe Following Mumbai Blasts

    Mumbai Jews are safe after a series of bombs claimed nearly 200 lives on the city’s train system. As Mumbai gets back on track, so does the Indian Jewish community’s Organization for Educational Resources and Technological Training, or ORT. Some of the group’s 40 staff members in Mumbai had a narrow escape Tuesday, when seven… More ▸

  • Look Out, India: Jerusalem Fighting for Its Share of the Call Center Market

    Pacing the floor of his cubicle, a young man in Jerusalem speaks into his headset to an American client named Brandy over 6,000 miles away and convinces her not to terminate her American Online membership. Around him, hundreds of other agents are hustling to find and keep clients at IDT Global Services, Israel’s largest call… More ▸

  • After Tsunami, Group Works for Change in India by Focusing on Women’s Lives

    In the southern Indian province of Tamil Nadu, time seems to be divided into two eras: before the tsunami and after the tsunami. “Before tsunami, we weren’t dependent on anybody for anything,” says Neataraj, a woman in the fishing village of Vellakoil. “After tsunami, we didn’t have anything at all.” But for some villages supported… More ▸