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  • Israel and New Realities

    Because of its periodic need to accommodate other countries, the US will find itself in disagreement with Israel, not because these countries will necessarily be unfriendly to Israel and its interests, but because they have their own interests that don’t always match those of the US or of Israel. More ▸

  • Israelis Warned to Avoid India’s Goa Region

    A new travel advisory warns Israelis not to visit India’s Goa region. The advisory issued Wednesday by Israel’s Counter Terrorism Bureau comes two weeks after Jews and Israelis were singled out during terror attacks in Mumbai, India’s financial capital. Goa is a popular travel destination for Israelis, particularly during the last two weeks in December…. More ▸

  • On hold with the terrorists in Mumbai

    A N.Y. professor who grew up in India found himself in the surreal position of talking by phone to the terrorists holed up at the Chabad House in Mumbai.  He recounts the details in a Forward essay. He had heard about the attacks and: Then my nephew called. He told me that the Chabad-Lubavitch movement… More ▸

  • Continuing anguish over Mumbai

    In the aftermath of last week’s terror attacks, an Indian journalist expresses empathy for Israeli losses in an essay in the Jerusalem Post. This, in a way, is a shared experience, a shared tragedy, for India and Israel. Israel has suffered on account of Islamist terrorism for long. India has been bleeding since 1989. If… More ▸

  • Terrorism and mourning

    Readers of offer their own reminiscinces of Gavriel and Rivkah Holtzberg, the two Lubavitch emissaries killed in last week’s attacks. I Will Always Miss You Elias (Eliyahu) Samuel Ghosalkar, Mumbai I am a Jew residing in Mumbai who was a close friend of Rabbi Gavriel and his family. I have been shattered by the… More ▸