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  • Israel Will Soon Welcome from India Descendants of a ‘lost’ Jewish Tribe

    A group of 218 people from a remote mountainous corner of northeastern India who claim descent from one of the lost biblical tribes will be immigrating to Israel as recognized Jews for the first time. The aliyah of members from the Bnei Menashe community to Israel is a turning point, said Michael Freund, founder of… More ▸

  • Around the Jewish World India’s Jews Are Safe Following Mumbai Blasts

    Mumbai Jews are safe after a series of bombs claimed nearly 200 lives on the city’s train system. As Mumbai gets back on track, so does the Indian Jewish community’s Organization for Educational Resources and Technological Training, or ORT. Some of the group’s 40 staff members in Mumbai had a narrow escape Tuesday, when seven… More ▸

  • Look Out, India: Jerusalem Fighting for Its Share of the Call Center Market

    Pacing the floor of his cubicle, a young man in Jerusalem speaks into his headset to an American client named Brandy over 6,000 miles away and convinces her not to terminate her American Online membership. Around him, hundreds of other agents are hustling to find and keep clients at IDT Global Services, Israel’s largest call… More ▸

  • After Tsunami, Group Works for Change in India by Focusing on Women’s Lives

    In the southern Indian province of Tamil Nadu, time seems to be divided into two eras: before the tsunami and after the tsunami. “Before tsunami, we weren’t dependent on anybody for anything,” says Neataraj, a woman in the fishing village of Vellakoil. “After tsunami, we didn’t have anything at all.” But for some villages supported… More ▸

  • Phalcon Sale to India Shows Growth of Israel’s International Arms Deals

    To every black cloud, they say, there is a silver lining. Under constant threat from terrorists and hostile neighbors, Israel has become an expert in security — and that expertise is generating huge profits. Israel has been one of the world’s big arms sellers for more than a decade, yet it really joined the major… More ▸

  • Following Sharon Visit, Israel, India Prepare for Special Forces Exercise

    Seeking to strengthen defense ties following Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s visit here earlier this month, India and Israel are planning to hold joint military exercises for their elite special forces. To prepare for the exercises — which would be a first between the two countries if the plans come to fruition — a team… More ▸

  • Despite Dismay at Phalcon Deal Delay, Optimism Runs High on Sharon Visit in India

    With police snipers on every street corner, endless traffic rerouting and large swathes of airspace shut down, New Delhi on Tuesday could have been mistaken for a city under siege. But it was merely what authorities called a “Delta alert” — India’s way of showing visiting Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon that it, too, knows… More ▸

  • Sharon Goes to the Subcontinent to Boost Growing Israel-india Alliance

    Following in the footsteps of the 20,000 Israeli backpackers who flock to India every year, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon will fly to New Delhi and Bombay next week for the first prime-ministerial visit there since the two countries first established full ties 11 years ago. Israel and India share a common enemy in the war… More ▸

  • ‘lost Tribe’ Emigres from India Adjust to Life After Making Aliyah

    Shlomo Gangte is a graphic designer, a documentary filmmaker and a recently ordained rabbi. That wouldn’t be so unusual, except that Gangte is one of the recently arrived members of the Bnei Menashe, a community from northeastern India that says it is descended from one of the biblical Lost Tribes of Israel. Along with 95… More ▸

  • Backgrounder India-pakistan Tensions Mirror the Israeli-palestinian Conflict

    When Israel this week asked its citizens to cut short their vacations in India, it was reacting to the mounting tensions between India and Pakistan. Centered on competing demands for the province of Kashmir, the conflict between India and Pakistan has a number of parallels to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: In both cases, territorial demands are… More ▸