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  • Behind the Headlines Ireland Prepares Traditional Welcome for Native Son, Herzog

    The people and government of Ireland are preparing their traditional “hundred thousand welcomes” to an Irish-born president of a foreign state whose command of the Gaelic language puts to shame that of most other Irish people. The fact that this honored guest, Israel’s President Chaim Herzog, is an observant Jew merely heightens the keen interest… More ▸

  • Special to the JTA New-found Confidence of Ireland’s Jews

    A sense of relief is sweeping the 2,000 Jews of the Irish Republic after the government’s ban of Pieter Menten, the 85-year-old Dutch millionnaire found guilty of slaughtering Jews in Poland in 1941. Menten owns a big estate near the city of Waterford and was planning to spend the rest of his life there after… More ▸

  • Ireland’s Jews Seeking to Bar Entry of Dutch Nazi War Criminal

    The Jewish community in Ireland is seeking to bar Dutch Nazi war criminal Pieter Menten from entering that country after his release from prison in Holland at the end of next month. Menten, described as a multimillionaire art dealer, was sentenced in 1980 to 10 years’ imprisonment for complicity in the murders of 20 Jewish… More ▸

  • Behind the Headlines the Jews of Ireland

    Although the Republic of Ireland contained 5,000 Jews 40 years ago in the days of the celebrated Chief Rabbi Isaac Herzog, the Jewish community now numbers only some 1,500 persons. But, paradoxically, Jewish influence has increased significantly. Whereas there was formerly only one Jewish member of the Irish Parliament, now there are three, each representing… More ▸

  • Begin, Ireland’s Defense Minister Discuss Tense Situation in Lebanon

    — Premier Menachem Begin discussed the tense situation in south Lebanon today with the visiting Defense Minister of Ireland, Sylvester Barrett, and responded to the latter’s urging that Israel use its influence to restore calm to the region and cooperate with United Nations peacekeeping forces. Barrett’s visit came at a time of confrontation between the… More ▸

  • Ireland Tries to Mollify Israel over Pro-plo Statements by Irish Leader

    The Irish Republic has given a conciliatory reply to last week’s stiff Israeli protest over pro-Palestine Liberation Organization statements by the Irish Foreign Minister. However, according to Israeli officials, the fact remains that there has been a significant shift in Irish policy in favor of a Palestinian state and the role of the PLO. Exchanges… More ▸

  • Behind the Headlines Pride, Solidarity of Ireland’s Jews

    There are fewer than 3000 Jews in the Irish Republic, equalling less than one percent of the community in neighboring Great Britain. But they have never felt so independent, secure and proud as they do today. A hive of religious, social, philanthropic and educational activity, Irish Jewry feels in harmony with the rest of the… More ▸

  • Israel, Ireland May in Time Exchange Resident Ambassadors

    Israeli diplomats believe it is only a matter of time before Israel and Ireland exchange resident ambassadors. This view was strengthened during the four-day farewell visit here of Gideon Rafael, the outgoing Israeli Ambassador to Great Britain and Ireland. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Dublin and Jerusalem Dec. 12, 1974, Rafael has represented… More ▸

  • Dublin; Israel’s Internal Crisis Has an Adverse Affect on Diaspora Jewry

    The prolonged and protracted negotiations over the formation of a new coalition as well as the internal crisis that accompanied the negotiations had an adverse affect on the diaspora Jewry, according to Leon Dublin, acting chairman of the Jewish Agency. Addressing a luncheon meeting here of the Engineering Club, he added that leaders of the… More ▸