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  • Japanese Article Denying Holocaust Draws Protests from Jewish Groups

    A Holocaust-denial essay in a prominent Japanese magazine has drawn sharp protests from American Jewish groups and the Israeli government. It has also prompted the withdrawal of all advertising from the publication by the Volkswagen company of Germany. The article appeared in the February issue of “Marco Polo” magazine under the headline, “The Greatest Taboo… More ▸

  • Jewish Groups Send Aid to Japan; Small Jewish Community in Kobe

    Jewish organizations have rallied to organize relief efforts on behalf of the victims of this week’s devastating earthquake in western Japan. At least 4,000 people were killed and 14,000 injured in the earthquake, which struck the major port city of Kobe early Tuesday morning local time. Kobe, a city of 1.4 million people, is home… More ▸

  • Japanese Paper Apologizes to Jews for Advertising Anti-semitic Books

    A prominent Japanese daily newspaper has formally apologized to Jewish groups for advertising books that claim the world is secretly controlled by Jews. The apology by Yomiuri Shimbun, said to be the world’s largest-circulation newspaper, was issued Tuesday to the American Jewish Committee and Anti- Defamation League in response to protests by these groups and… More ▸

  • Japanese Publisher Recalls New Book Which Extols Hitler’s Election Methods

    In the face of substantial international criticism, a Japanese publisher has recalled a book released last week that extols Adolf Hitler’s political methods. The publisher of the book, “Hitler Election Strategy: A Bible for Certain Victory in Modern Elections,” also said he is retiring. Eiichi Niimura, the publisher, told The New York Times, “I am… More ▸

  • Japan Earning New Image As Aide in Middle East Peace

    Within the Jewish community here, Japan has never been viewed as a positive force in Middle East affairs. But now, especially in the wake of the historic Israeli-Palestinian accord, there is a sense among American Jewish and Israeli officials that Japan is beginning to play a useful role in the region. "There really has been… More ▸

  • Japanese Textbooks to Include Mention of Man Who Saved Jews

    The Japanese Ministry of Education has announced that its high-school textbooks will now include the story of a World War II Japanese diplomat who helped thousands of Jews escape the Nazis. The Education Ministry informed the World Jewish Congress that a standard first-year high-school textbook will devote eight pages to chronicling how Sempo Sugihara, the… More ▸

  • Jewish Group Demands Apology for an Anti-semitic Ad in Japan

    A large advertisement in Tokyo’s leading financial newspaper, claiming that Jewish financiers were plotting to topple the imperial family and dismember Japan, has drawn a demand for “an apology to the Jewish people” by the Simon Wiesenthal Center. The headline in the one-third-page ad in the Nihon Keizai (Nikkei) — Japan’s equivalent of the Wall… More ▸

  • For Many Japanese Tabloids, Anti-semitism is Fit to Print

    Pundits have attributed Bill Clinton’s presidential victory to economic, generational and psychological factors, but readers of the Japanese tabloid press know better: Clinton won thanks to the machinations of Jewish-Zionist plotters. “A select group of Japanese editors and commentators charges that Clinton’s road to the White House has been paved by a conspiracy of American… More ▸

  • Japan Making Good on Its Pledge to End Arab Boycott Compliance

    Japan appears to be making good on its pledge to end cooperation with the Arab economic boycott of Israel. The government has advised leading Japanese firms to stop complying with the terms of the boycott, Foreign Minister Michio Watanabe told a visiting delegation of American Jewish Committee leaders here this week. He said the government… More ▸

  • Japanese Government Rejects Article Blaming Stock Market Trouble on Jews

    The Japanese government has taken the unusual step of repudiating an article in a major Japanese magazine that blamed an international Jewish conspiracy for a 27 percent tumble this year in the Tokyo stock market. At a news conference held last Friday in Tokyo. Foreign Ministry spokesman Sadaaki Numata labeled the anti-Semitic article “undesirable,” “inappropriate”… More ▸