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Joe Biden

  • VP Biden to speak at Jewish federations’ annual parlay

    Vice President Joe Biden will speak at the annual General Assembly of the Jewish Federations of North America, the organization announced Tuesday. The conference, which annually gathers several thousand officials and lay leaders of the Jewish federation system will be held in New Orleans between Nov. 7-9. “We are proud to be hosting Vice President… More ▸

  • Netanyahu makes Clinton an offer

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu outlined for U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton actions he could take to “improve the atmosphere,” the State Department said. More ▸

  • Quit the apologies, Israel

    To the Editor: We need to stop apologizing to the U.S. It is really shameful that Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton acted as they did. They are only expressing what the Obama administration feels. I hope that Jews next time vote someone in office that is friendly to Israel, even if it is the Republican… More ▸

  • ‘Tachles’ needs better definition

    To the Editor: In your article "U.S.-Israel crisis: This time, it’s serious," you referred to "tachles" — defined in the same sentence as "increased assistance to Israel in the realm of military cooperation, such as missile defense, and ramped up pressure on Iran to make its nuclear intentions transparent." I believe the term needs further explanation,… More ▸

  • Eastern Jerusalem not off-limits

    To the Editor: Vice President Biden should be aware that building in East Jerusalem is not the West Bank, where Prime Minister Netanyahu has frozen construction of new housing. He did not agree to freezing construction in East Jerusalem. Whether construction takes place there should not impede peace negotiations with the Palestinians. Avrom Aaron Levy… More ▸