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Joe Biden

  • Biden v. Army Radio

    I’m hesitant to pick up the Israel Army Radio report alleging that Joe Biden, Barack Obama’s vice-presidential pick, warned Israel not long ago (in his capacity as chairman of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee) that it would ultimately have to live with a nuclear Iran. It hasn’t been confirmed by any other outlet, and… More ▸

  • Biden: Don’t trust McCain on Iran

    In his vice presidential acceptance speech [at 20:34 in the video], Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.) used the candidate’s contrasting approaches on Iran as one of the distinctions he drew on foreign policy: “Should we trust John McCain’s judgment when he rejected talking with Iran and then asked: What is there to talk about? Or Barack… More ▸

  • Down memory lane with Joe B.

    Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.) was selected as running mate by Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) in part because his years of foreign policy experience help make up for Obama’s relative greenness. The problem, of course, is that plenty of experience means the occasional wrongfooting, especially with someone as, umm, loquacious as Biden. Conservatives are digging and… More ▸

  • Political Tidbits: Obama has Joe, shouldn’t McCain get one too?

    William Kristol makes the case for the McCain-Lieberman ticket. And Joe makes the case for a vow of silence. The New York Sun wonders if Barack Obama is taking the Empire State for granted. A blind rabbi and a Chinese Jew running for Congress walk into a Democratic convention. Madonna goes Hitler on McCain. …… More ▸

  • AIPAC: We like Biden

    Thumbs up for Biden from an AIPAC spokesman: Sen Biden is a strong supporter of the US-Israel relationship and he has longstanding ties to AIPAC and the pro-Israel community. Throughout his career in the Senate, Joe Biden has been to Israel numerous times and has gotten to know many of Israel’s most important leaders. Now,… More ▸

  • Political Tidbits: Kicking off convention, debating Biden

    The Jerusalem Post reflects on Jewish Colorado and the wisdom of holding the Democratic convention in Denver. The New York Sun says Jews at the convention are kvelling over the Biden pick. Here’s why they should be, according to the National Jewish Democratic Council. And the Republican Jewish Coalition plays the Iran card in making… More ▸

  • For Wasserman Schultz, it’s back to Biden (UPDATE)

    For Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Joe Biden’s clinch of the vice-presidential spot on Barack Obama’s ticket is like the – what – prodigal mentor? “He’s like mishpoche!” the Florida congresswoman enthused to JTA, contemplating the Delaware senator’s clinching of the vice presidential spot on the Democratic ticket, alongside Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) Back in 1987, Wasserman… More ▸

  • Biden and the Jewish media

    Back when Joe Biden was a struggling presidential candidate, he had plenty of time for the Jewish media (don’t forget about us now!). Biden does Shalom TV: Jennifer Siegel, then with the Forward, quizzed the Delaware senator back in March of 2007. A few choice quotes: On reports that the Bush administration had pressured Israel… More ▸

  • Biden: Don’t link Iraq and Israel

    The Iraq Study Group, chaired by longtime Bush family political confidant James Baker and Lee Hamilton, ruffled plenty of pro-Israel feathers by asserting in its final 2006 report that “the United States will not be able to achieve its goals in the Middle East unless the United States deals directly with the Arab-Israeli conflict.” As… More ▸

  • Jewish Republicans: Biden’s soft on Iran

    Here’s the statement released by the Republican Jewish Coalition: Washington, D.C. (August 23, 2008) – Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) Executive Director Matt Brooks issued the following statement today: “With the selection of Senator Joe Biden as Senator Obama’s vice president, the Democrat’s ticket has now become an even greater gamble for the Jewish community. Throughout… More ▸