• Jordan to Try Soldier Who Killed 7

    The Jordanian soldier who shot dead seven Israeli schoolgirls on the border between the two countries will go on trial next week in a military court outside of Amman. A five-member panel, headed by a brigadier general, will hear the case. Prosecutors said Ahmed Daqamsa, a 28-year-old driver, will be charged with premeditated murder for… More ▸

  • U.S. Plan Would Cut Aid to Israel While Giving a Big Boost to Jordan

    The era of federal fiscal responsibility has collided with the Middle East peace process to result in a likely cut in U.S. foreign aid for both Israel and Egypt. Under an emerging U.S. plan, $50 million from each country would be redirected to a newly created Middle East fund for “peace and stability.” Jordan would… More ▸

  • Israel’s Ambassador to Jordan Resigns to Protest His Exclusion

    Israel’s new ambassador to Jordan has resigned his post, complaining that he was never informed about a secret meeting between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and King Hussein last week. Oded Eran, who became Israel’s second ambassador to Amman only last week, said he learned of the meeting through the media. The meeting in the Jordanian… More ▸

  • Israeli Foreign Minister Claims Ties with Jordan Not in Crisis

    Foreign Minister David Levy was invited to visit Jordan a day after a meeting between the Crown Prince and Israeli prime minister was canceled because of a dispute over water. Although no date was set for Levy’s visit, the foreign minister said Wednesday’s invitation was proof that relations between the countries were not in crisis…. More ▸

  • Deported Hamas Leader in Jordan: No More Terror Against Civilians

    Shortly after his arrival in Jordan, Hamas leader Mousa Mohammed Abu Marzook said his organization would no longer target Israeli civilians for terrorist attacks. At the same time, he vowed to resume his own struggle against what he termed Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories. “I have a long way to go in serving my people… More ▸

  • Jordan Apparently Now Willing to Accept Jailed Hamas Leader

    Jailed Hamas leader Mousa Mohammed Abu Marzook, in the face of U.S. deportation proceedings, reportedly will be allowed to go to Jordan on humanitarian grounds. The move follows Israel’s decision a few weeks ago to drop its request to extradite Marzook from the United States in apparent fear that putting him on trial in the… More ▸

  • School Trip to Jordanian Island Broke Education Ministry Policy

    A committee investigating last month’s shooting deaths of seven Israeli schoolgirls by a Jordanian soldier has recommended that the head of the Education Ministry’s security division be dismissed. A Jordanian soldier opened fire March 13 on a group of Beit Shemesh students on a field trip to a border site, Naharayim, called “The Island of… More ▸

  • Jordanian Investigators Meet with Survivors of Border Attack

    Members of a Jordanian investigative committee met this week with teachers and students who participated in a fateful field trip during which a Jordanian soldier opened fire on a group of Israeli schoolgirls. The soldier shot and killed seven Israeli schoolgirls, and wounded six others, while they were on a field trip last month to… More ▸

  • Israel Drops Extradition Request, Paving Way for a Deal with Jordan

    Fearing increased Palestinian terrorism, Israel has dropped its request to extradite jailed Hamas leader Mousa Mohammed Abu Marzook from the United States. The decision to drop the extradition request, made by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in consultation with his security chiefs, cleared the way for the United States to deport the man regarded as… More ▸

  • Russian Relative Told Belatedly of Teen’s Murder by Jordanian

    Nina Shvets was pleased when she received a letter last week from her granddaughter in Israel. What the 69-year-old woman did not know was that, a day before she found the letter in her mailbox, her granddaughter, Sherri Geddayev, and six other schoolgirls had been shot dead by a Jordanian soldier while they were on… More ▸