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  • In Effort to Orient Jordan to West, Abdullah Seeks Aid of U.S. Jewry

    Jordan’s king believes Jews can play a key role in his campaign to win back the Muslim street. “The Amman message,” initiated by Abdullah II, brought together scholars from the eight main streams of Islam in July to issue edicts that marginalize terrorists who purport to act in the name of Islam — particularly Al-Qaida… More ▸

  • Some Iraqi Israelis Go to Jordan to Cast Their Votes in Iraqi Elections

    Iraq’s first democratic election is over, but the impact of the Iraqi vote on Israel remains to be seen. Jacky Hugi crossed borders, both international and cultural, to take part in Iraq’s first democratic election. But don’t expect the Israeli journalist, who cast his absentee ballot in Amman, Jordan, to reveal which of the 111… More ▸

  • 10 Years After Israel-jordan Peace, No Celebrations Mark the Milestone

    Ten years ago this week, in the midst of a desert storm in the Arava valley, the late King Hussein of Jordan and the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin of Israel signed a peace accord ushering in an era of hope that relations between the neighbors would become a model for a new Middle East…. More ▸

  • Jordan is Furious at Israeli Move to Block U.S. Missile Sale

    Jordan is furious over Israel’s reported attempt to block a Jordanian-American missile deal, decrying the Jewish state’s efforts to “interfere” with the deal by lobbying members of the U.S. Congress. “Jordan does not need either the approval nor the blessing of a third country,” Mazen a-Tal, Jordan’s charge d’affaires in Israel, told JTA on Monday…. More ▸

  • For Judeophile Living in Jordan, Studying in Israel is Merely a Dream

    Aviv’s mother marvels at the way her son, perhaps one of Jordan’s only self-avowed Judeophiles, references the Bible in discussing contemporary politics in the Middle East. “You see,” says Aviv professorially, “the borders of Israel are supposed to stretch from the Nile to the Euphrates. That is what it says in the Bible: Numbers, Chapter… More ▸

  • Positive News at U.N. Summit: Israel, Jordan Join to Save Sea

    It took the Dead Sea to breathe some life into Arab-Israeli cooperation. On Sunday, at the U.N. World Summit on Sustainable Development, four Israeli and Jordanian government ministers presented a collaborative venture to save the Dead Sea, which has been shrinking at an alarming rate. Under the plan, a canal would be dug to divert… More ▸

  • Israeli Diplomat Attacked in Jordan; Second Shooting in Month

    An employee of the Israeli Embassy in Amman was lightly wounded this week when gunmen opened fire on his car, the second Israeli diplomat shot in the Jordanian capital in less than a month. Tuesday’s incident comes as anger is growing in the Arab world over Israel’s response to nine weeks of Palestinian violence in… More ▸

  • Jordan’s King Focuses on Peace During First Official Visit to Israel

    Concern about the slow pace of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations prompted Jordan’s King Abdullah to make his first state visit to Israel since ascending the throne last year. Jordan has a large stake in those negotiations, which touch on what to do with Palestinian refugees and on the final borders of Israel and a Palestinian state. More… More ▸

  • News Analysis: Jordan King Gets Tough on Hamas, but Extent of Crackdown is Unclear

    After years of tolerating Hamas activities in Amman, Jordanian officials have clamped down on the Islamic fundamentalist group. The move has sparked accusations from Hamas officials that Jordan’s King Abdullah was doing the bidding of Israeli officials — a claim roundly denied by both Israel and Jordan. While it is true that Israel has exerted… More ▸