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  • News Analysis: Israelis React with Caution to Jordan’s Decision on New Heir

    Israeli officials are reacting cautiously to Jordanian King Hussein’s decision to name a new successor. Hussein’s eldest son Abdullah — who now replaces the King’s brother, Crown Prince Hassan, as heir to the Hashemite throne — is largely an unknown entity, particularly with regard to Israeli-Jordanian relations. Reserve Col. Shalom Harari, a former Arab affairs… More ▸

  • Israeli-jordanian Trade Rises Amid Misgivings over Peace

    The last thing a traveler from Israel to Jordan sees before crossing the Sheikh Hussein Bridge are the shiny “golden arches” of a McDonald’s restaurant — a sign of foreign investment Israel enjoyed in the mid-1990s as regional peacemaking progressed. But exactly four years after Israel and Jordan signed a peace treaty on Oct. 26,… More ▸

  • New School Envisions Classrooms Both Sides of Jordan, Israel Border

    Not too long ago, the idea would have been unthinkable: A student walking into a university in Israel and exiting into Jordan. Now that promises to become a reality, with plans under way to develop a joint Israeli-Jordanian university extending on both sides of the border between the two countries. Seeking to enhance the cause… More ▸

  • Israel, Jordan Take Steps to Repair Strained Relations

    Israel and Jordan appear to be engaged in some serious fencemending. A series of meetings this week — capped by a session in Tel Aviv between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Jordan’s Crown Prince Hassan — showed that the two countries are trying to end some five months of strained relations. The breach, perhaps the… More ▸

  • Probe Faults Head of Mossad for Bungled Jordan Operation

    A government-appointed committee has cleared Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of responsibility for a failed Mossad operation to kill a Hamas leader in Jordan. The commission said that the prime minister had acted in a “responsible manner, having considered and examined the plans presented to him, from every possible aspect.” The commission reserved its criticism for… More ▸

  • News Analysis: Israeli Jobs Head to Jordan; is This a Win-win Situation?

    The peace process isn’t the only crisis that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is facing. In December, the premier was booed during a trip to the development town of Ofakim, where unemployment has risen to nearly 15 percent. More recently, a one-day strike was held in several Druze villages to protest a loss of jobs… More ▸

  • Government Panel Begins Probe of Failed Mossad Affair in Jordan

    The government committee investigating the failed Mossad attempt to assassinate a Hamas leader in Jordan has begun its probe. During the committee’s first day of hearings Sunday, the head of Mossad, Danny Yatom, was the first witness to appear. Yatom was reported to have presented evidence that Khaled Mashaal, the target of the botched Sept…. More ▸

  • News Analysis: Israel Recoils After Mossad Bungles Operation in Jordan

    It was supposed to be a quiet week of introspection during the Days of Awe. But Israelis found themselves dealing with a disturbing situation during the period between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Not only had Israel’s famed Mossad secret service reportedly botched an assassination attempt in neighboring Jordan. But also, perhaps worse, the failure… More ▸