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  • Magen Tzedek is needed

    To the Editor: Why is Rabbi Shafran spending so much time and effort on the issue of Magen Tzedek? Is he using Magen Tzedek as a weapon to rail against the Conservative movement instead of pressing his position that there is no real need for an agency such as the Magen Tzedek? Supposedly kashrut-endorsed organizations… More ▸

  • YU Ethics & Kashrut Live Stream Tonight

    Tonight at 7PM, Yeshiva University will be hosting a panel entitled "Kosher Question: Are Ethics and Kashrut Inextricably Linked or Unconnected?" According the Yeshiva University News: Rabbis from major Orthodox organizations will address the role that ethics plays in Jewish dietary laws at “The Kosher Quandary: Ethics and Kashrut” at Yeshiva University on Dec. 9…. More ▸

  • Iowa A.G. files child labor charges against Agriprocessors

    News brief below. Links to the AG’s criminal complaint and affidavit here. (JTA) – Following the filing of criminal charges against owners of the kosher meat producer Agriprocessors, the Orthodox Union says it will withdraw its kosher certification of the company within two weeks unelss new management is hired. “Within the coming days, or lets… More ▸

  • Agri fends off Obama, Iowa governor

    Presidential hopeful Barack Obama jumped into the fray over Agriprocessors yesterday by slamming the company for hiring underage workers (more on that here). Coming on the eve of the DNC convention in Denver, the comment predictably got a lot of attention. But it followed a far lengthier and more damning appraisal of the company by… More ▸

  • Postville kosher supervisor denies report of walkout

    The top kosher supervisor at the Agriprocessors plant in Postville, Rabbi Menachem Weissmandl, is denying reports that some of his rabbis staged a walkout yesterday in frustration over reduced pay. The Jewish Star reports that Weissmandl “denied emphatically” that the rabbis “staged any sort of job action Wednesday.” Weissmandl admits, however, the essential details of… More ▸