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  • Goodbye (kosher) Columbus

    The New Standard – “Central Ohio’s largest Jewish circulation newspaper” – reports on the closing of the Bexley Kosher Market. The good news: The local Kroger plans to open extensive kosher operation. More ▸

  • The great Tam Tam shortage

    The New Jersey Jewish News breaks the story on the delays at Manischewitz’ new state-of-the-art facility in Newark – and what is shaping up to be the great Tam Tam shortage of 2008. “It’s been a hiccup,” said David Rossi, vice president of marketing for the company. The company closed its Jersey City facility after… More ▸

  • Frank Bruni misses the real shandah!

    Frank Bruni triggered quite a debate with his blog post about whether the Second Avenue Deli should be considered kosher since it is open on Shabbos. “What say those readers who know more of matters kosher than I do?” Bruni asked. We’ll leave that debate to the more knowledgeable and passionate posters to Bruni’s blog… More ▸

  • Silow-Carroll: Can you be a little bit kosher?

    In his column this week, the editor-in-chief of the New Jersey Jewish News, Andrew Silow-Carroll, reflects on his decision to run an article about Dinnersmith, a new community kitchen in Maplewood, N.J., that “isn’t kosher” but accommodates those who “keep a lenient form of kashrut.” How does a Jewish newspaper write about an establishment that… More ▸