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  • Aaron and Me

    After my frustrating experience with Sholom Rubashkin in Postville, I thought it unlikely that I’d have much more luck with his father Aaron. The elder Rubashkin still runs the original family butcher shop on 14th Avenue in the Brooklyn neighborhood Borough Park. Rubashkin opened the shop in 1953, the same year he emigrated from Russia,… More ▸

  • More on Agriprocessors

    Couple of interesting developments on the Agriprocessors front today. First, my interview with Aaron Rubashkin went live on the site this afternoon, the first response from any Agriprocessors’ official since this story first broke May 12. I’ll have more on that interview tomorrow. Second, we learned about the launch of Postville Voices, a new blog… More ▸

  • Did the OU push Sholom Rubashkin out?

    That’s what the Jewish Star is claiming: It is at the insistence of the Orthodox Union that Sholom Rubashkin is to be replaced as chief executive officer of Agriprocessors, the kosher meatpacking giant his father, Aaron Rubashkin, founded, The Jewish Starhas learned. “We have said that if there were criminal culpability that we would withdraw… More ▸

  • Sholom and me

    Late last week, Agriprocessors’ owner Aaron Rubashkin announced that he would be replacing his son Sholom as company CEO. This was not totally unexpected. A source close to the family told me he had recommended turning the plant over to professional management and that Aaron had seemed open to the idea. But during my five… More ▸

  • Jewish Labor Committee: Boycott Agriprocessors

    The Jewish Labor Committee is calling for a boycott of Agriprocessors, and says the recent federal raid “buttresses the conviction shared by many undocumented workers that our government is not only indifferent to worker abuse, but works in collusion with management to penalize workers who challenge it.” Here’s the JLC’s full statement: Jewish Labor Committee… More ▸

  • The Conservative movement: We ‘request’ that you think about not eating Rubashkin products

    We’re told that a few Conservative rabbis wanted their movement to declare a boycott of Agriprocessors. Instead, the Rabbinical Assembly and the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism issued a “request”: “that consumers of kosher meat evaluate whether it is appropriate to buy and eat meat products produced by the Rubashkin’s label.” Here’s the full statement:… More ▸

  • Reporting from Postville

    Since news broke of Monday’s federal raid at the country’s largest kosher slaughterhouse, the Des Moines Register has literally owned the story. Their site is overflowing with useful stuff, like: This partial list of detainees, virtually every name Hispanic and held for misuse of social security numbers. News that the plant’s owners, the Rubashkin family… More ▸

  • Feds raid the shochet, but the slaughter continues

    JTA just published my story on yesterday’s raid at Agriprocessors, which the Feds are calling the largest such operation in American history. The plant, the country’s largest kosher slaughterhouse, was back in business today without the 390 of its employees detained on immigration violations. Criminal charges are expected to follow. The Des Moines Register has… More ▸

  • Kosher for Passover

    It’s hard enough cooking for Passover. How about writing a Passover cookbook? Kosher by Design‘s Susie Fishbein talks to the New York Times about making do without grains, corn, seeds or legumes – chametz, that is. In its Passover Dining section, the Times also discovers that kosher wine actually can be delectable, especially if it’s… More ▸

  • Hot Dog

    No one can accuse the Boston Red Sox and Cleveland Indians of getting complacent after squaring off last fall for the American League pennant. This season both teams are stepping up their game – with kosher hot dogs. The Boston Herald has the scoop on Fenway Park’s new kosher dog machine: The home of the… More ▸