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  • Israel and Poland to Upgrade Diplomatic Representation

    Israel and Poland have agreed to upgrade their diplomatic missions in Tel Aviv and Warsaw and to turn them into independent missions. The two missions are presently operating under the diplomatic sponsorship of the Netherlands. The agreement was reached in a meeting Thursday night between Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres and his Polish counterpart, Tadeusz… More ▸

  • Envoy Says U.S. Has Not Shut Door on International Peace Conference

    The Reagan administration leans toward an international conference to open direct peace talks between Israel and Jordan and other Arab states, United States Ambassador Thomas Pickering indicated Monday night. Addressing a Labor Party forum in Haifa, the American envoy seemed to support the views of Foreign Minister Shimon Peres over Premier Yitzhak Shamir, who recently… More ▸

  • New Links Between Bgu and Japan Seen

    New links may be established between Japanese industrialists and Ben Gurion University of the Negev if a Japanese professor has his way. Prof. Hideo Itokawa, one of the founders of Japan’s aeronautical industry and a leading industrial consultant, announced his intention to establish a group of Associates of Ben Gurion University in Japan, which will… More ▸

  • Hadassah to Fund Construction of Dams in the Negev and Arava

    Hadassah will fund construction of dams in the Negev and Arava deserts to contain the regions’ meager rainfall for agricultural use, it was announced by the organization. It will provide about $2.5 million of the $3 million cost of the new dams. The projects are being undertaken in partnership with the Jewish National Fund at… More ▸

  • Personal Glimpses of Ben Gurion

    No fleet of tall ships, no enthusiastic crowd of millions flocked here to the Jewish Museum October 16 to kick-off the nation-wide celebration of the centennial of David Ben Gurion’s birth. It’s probably not that America’s five million Jews think less of Israel’s founding Premier than of the Statue of Liberty. It’s that — despite… More ▸

  • Behind the Headlines Making Deserts Bloom

    A remedy to curtail starvation among millions of people in the Third World countries is being explored in Israel: desert development. Training for this task is now going on at the Jacob Blaustein International Center for Desert Studies, where students and scientists from around the world are seeking ways to make deserts bloom. The Center… More ▸

  • Jewish Agency Announces New Plans for Social and Cultural Projects in the Negev

    The Jewish Agency has announced major new plans for social and cultural projects in the Negev, totalling some $6 million. The sum is to be spent over a two-year period and comes, according to the Agency spokesman, in addition to the regular Agency programs for individual settlements in the Negev and Arava. The spokesman stressed… More ▸