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  • Nazis Start Executing Jews in Reprisal for Blasted Dams; Fierce Battle in Warsaw

    Mass-executions of Jews have taken place during the last three days in the ghettos of Cracow and Stanislawow, in Poland, “in reprisal for the destruction of the Ruhr dams,” the Polish clandestine radio station SWIT reported today. The broadcast also reported that a fierce house-to-house battle is still raging in the Warsaw ghetto and that,… More ▸

  • Cracow Ghetto Liquidated in “worst Pogrom of Nazi Annihilation Campaign” Poles Say

    Thousands of Jews in the Cracow ghetto were slaughtered and other thousands were deported to the dread concentration camp at Oswiecim during the week-end of March 13-15 in what is described as “one of the worst pogroms of the Nazi annihilation campaign,” according to reliable information reaching Polish Government circles here today. While the exact… More ▸

  • Three Large Camps for Jews in Poland; Gestapo Starts Manhunt on All Frontiers

    Three large labor camps for Polish Jews have been established by the Nazis at Lublin, Ausschwitz and Birkenau, a report reaching here today disclosed. Jewish men and women from all parts of Poland are being driven to these camps, and assigned to difficult physical labor, the report said, adding that “the greatest rate of mortality… More ▸

  • Cracow Ghetto is “judenrein,” American Renegade Broadcaster in Berlin Reports

    The Jewish ghetto in Cracow, into which thousands of Jews were driven several months ago when the Nazis adopted the policy of making most Polish towns “Judenrein” and concentrating the Jews in a few large cities, is now completely empty, according to a broadcast from Berlin today by “Paul Revers,” renegade American who has been… More ▸

  • Mass-pogroms on Jews Throughout Galicia; Victims Send S.o.s. to Democratic Nations

    Unprecedented panic among the remaining Jews in Nazi-occupied Poland is reported in brief code messages which continue to reach here from various sections of the Government General, especially from Galicia, where large-scale pogroms are being carried out in the ghettos by special Gestapo units. The messages indicate that if steps are not taken immediately to… More ▸

  • Nazis Make Warsaw “judenrein”, Deport Remaining Jews from Ghetto

    The city of Warsaw where the Nazis concentrated 500,000 Jews in the first Jewish ghetto established in occupied Poland, is now completely “judenrein,” according to information reaching here today. Not a single Jew remains in the Warsaw ghetto, the report received here today from Poland stated. The several thousand Jewish artisans there who were permitted… More ▸

  • Hundreds of Towns in Poland Made “judenrein,” Nazi Government Reports

    Hundreds of towns, large and small, have been made “judenrein” by the Nazis in occupied Poland during the last few months, it is disclosed in an official report published by the Nazi government in Berlin newspapers which reached here today. The report, issued by the Secretary of State for Security in the Government General, reveals… More ▸

  • Nazis Drive Jews and Poles Hundreds of Miles on Foot to Devastated Russian Areas

    Jews and Poles who are now being sent by the Nazis from unoccupied Poland to the devastated sections of occupied Russia for slave labor are no longer transported in trains but must make the several-hundred-mile journey on foot under the supervision of Nazi guards, it was revealed in a report reaching here today from Cracow…. More ▸

  • 3,000 Ghetto Jews Ordered to Clear Debris from Bombed Warsaw Buildings

    More than 3,000 Jews have been ordered from the Warsaw ghetto to clear the debris resulting from the destruction of dozens of buildings during the recent bombing of Warsaw by Russian planes, it was announced today over the Nazi radio in Cracow. The Nazi broadcast also announced the execution in Prague of Alexander Bessmertny, brother-in-law… More ▸

  • Jews Expelled from Kalish and Tarnopol; 600 Deported Belgian Jews Reach Poland

    The expulsion of the entire Jewish population from the city of Kelish, in occupied Poland, to the ghetto in Ledz is indicated here today in reports from Cracow. According to these reports, the Jews have also been deported from the city of Ternopol, Galicia. A “Jewish train” carrying 600 Jews deported from Belgium, reached Cracow… More ▸