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  • Shoah Memorial Goes Up in Latvia After Fierce Debate over Inscription

    After weeks of discord over an inscription, a Holocaust memorial was unveiled in Latvia commemorating the 1941 murder of 27,000 residents of the Riga Ghetto in a nearby forest. Following pressure from Jewish groups, the Riga municipality reversed itself and agreed to note in the monument’s inscription that members of the Latvian security police participated… More ▸

  • Reward Program for Nazi Criminals to Launch Ads in Latvia and Estonia

    A reward for information on Nazi war criminals has led the Lithuanian government to investigate possible war crimes in two of the country’s villages. In July, the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the Miami-based Targun Shlishi Foundation launched Operation Last Chance, a program offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to the conviction and punishment… More ▸

  • Latvian Jews, Local Government Spar over Inscription on a Shoah Memorial

    Latvian Jewish leaders and officials in the capital of Riga are tangled in a dispute over the inscription on a Holocaust memorial. The Latvian Jewish community plans to erect the memorial at Rumbula, where the local Latvian Nazi police and collaborators murdered some 30,000 Riga Jews in 1941. The monument is scheduled to be dedicated… More ▸

  • Commemoration for Ss Unit Causes Controversy in Latvia

    Approximately 600 people gathered here over the weekend to mark the anniversary of a Latvian Nazi SS unit. In addition, the Latvian National Soldiers Association commemorated Saturday with more than 100 people at a military cemetery outside of Riga. The group had cancelled its annual march through the city to commemorate the SS unit, saying… More ▸

  • Konrad Kalejs, War Crimes Suspect, Dies Before Trial Can Begin in Latvia

    A Nazi war crimes suspect has died before he could be extradited to stand trial. Konrad Kalejs, 88, who was appealing his extradition to Latvia, died Nov. 8 in his nursing home in Australia. He reportedly suffered from dementia. For years, Kalejs has faced charges of being involved in the wartime slaughter of civilians when… More ▸

  • Latvia Requests Extradition of World War Ii Crimes Suspects

    Responding to an extradition request from Latvia, Australian officials have detained a war crimes suspect allegedly involved in the deaths of up to 30,000 Jews during World War II. Officials on Wednesday arrested Konrad Kalejs and later released him, but they took his passport to prevent him from fleeing the country. Justice Minister Amanda Vanstone… More ▸

  • Australian Jews Welcome News Latvia Will Investigate Accused Nazi

    The Australian Jewish community is welcoming reports that Latvia is investigating an Australian citizen who allegedly participated in the killing of thousands of Jews during World War II. Australia’s own investigation into Karlis Ozols, accused of being a senior officer in the wartime Latvian security police, was abandoned in 1992, when Australia closed its Special… More ▸