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Marc Jacobs

  • Marc Jacobs designs special South Park t-shirts

    The romance between fashion designer Marc Jacobs and “South Park” just reached a new high today when Jacobs officially released a series of three special t-shirts featuring naked characters of the popular animated show as part of his Protect the Skin You’re In campaign. The three characters chosen to appear on the t-shirts are Eric Cartman, Randy… More ▸

  • It’s official: Galliano is an anti-Semite

    The French court trying John Galliano for “public insults based on origin, religious affiliation, race or ethnicity” has just reached a verdict on the matter — guilty as charged. Phew! Without the French legal system’s help I wouldn’t have known what to make of the designer’s anti-Semitic rant at a Paris bar. As for punishment,… More ▸

  • Marc Jacobs was a fat heroine addict

    Most people associate heroine addiction with extreme thinness but this was not the case for Marc Jacobs, who had been hooked on the stuff in the late 90s. According to Robert Duffy, the longtime business partner of the designer, Jacobs would binge eat while on the drug, he recalled to the Wall Street Journal. Duffy even… More ▸

  • Is Marc Jacobs headed to Dior?

    Marc Jacobs is reportedly in talks to take over at Christian Dior. The House of Dior, perhaps in an act of penance for John Galliano’s anti-Semitic rant that resulted in his being fired as the chief designer of the Parisian brand, is considering the Jewish Jacobs for the open position. Whether or not Jacobs’ very… More ▸