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  • Parents want to keep Howard Stern far away from America’s Got Talent

    Howard Stern recently announced that he will be taking Piers Morgan’s place on the NBC hit reality show “America’s Got Talent”– and the mommas and the poppas are none too happy about this news. The Parents Television Council released a statement today calling NBC’s decision to hire Stern “an act of desperation” and that the… More ▸

  • NBC to adapt BBC Shabbat Dinner sitcom

    NBC and Greg Daniels, who is responsible for the successful U.S. adaptation of The Office, are making a bid to Americanize another BBC show: Friday Night Dinner. And guess what its about… Friday Night Dinner, which debuted on Channel 4 in February, centers on the Goodmans, a traditional but not strictly observant Jewish family, and chronicles their… More ▸

  • Yeshiva vet aims to make King David must-see TV

    JTA’s Tom Tugend sits down with Michael Green, the creator of the new NBC series “Kings,” which transports the biblical drama of young David, Goliath, King Saul and the prophet Samuel to a contemporary city that looks much like a gleaming New York. More ▸