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  • Dutch Jews Concerned As Muslims Form Extremist Group in Netherlands

    An anti-Semitic Belgian Muslim organization is spreading its influence in Holland, where it plans to run in local elections. The Arab European League was established in Belgium in 2000 to “strengthen Arab and Muslim identity” and fight against perceived discrimination against Arabs and Muslims. Earlier this month the league opened a branch in Holland. At… More ▸

  • Netherlands May Ban Islamic Group Due to Worries About Its Past Violence

    Dutch politicians are debating whether to block an Islamic group from establishing branches in Holland. The debate began after the Arab European League — long a source of ethnic tension in Belgium because of its stridently anti-U.S. and anti-Israel stances — recently announced plans to create branches in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Both Belgium and Holland… More ▸

  • Dutch-israeli Seniors Are Told They May Lose Pension Benefits

    In an apparent swipe at Israeli settlement policy, Holland may cut pensions for Dutch seniors who have moved to Israel but live beyond the state’s pre-1967 borders. Beginning Jan. 1, Dutch citizens abroad will face severe pension cuts or a complete loss of Dutch child benefits and orphans’ pensions unless the country where they live… More ▸

  • In Netherlands, Bank Head’s Wife Launches Palestinian Flag Campaign

    Palestinian flag sales are booming in the Netherlands, as pro-Palestinian groups prepare for a “National Palestinian Flag Day.” The June 30 event is the latest development in a flag war that began on a quiet, leafy Amsterdam street. Gretta Duisenberg, wife of European Central Bank President Wim Duisenberg, started the flagmania by hanging a Palestinian… More ▸

  • Dutch Jews Tormented at School, but Officials Say No Anti-semitism

    Jonathan and Ilan, both 13, just can’t get used to cries of “filthy kikes,” even though they say they hear them every day at school. Avigal, 8, was told that “Jews suck” and that she should have her throat cut. Dutch Jews, estimated at some 44,000, make up less than 1 percent of the general… More ▸

  • Despite Worries, Pro-israel Rally in the Netherlands is Peaceful Affair

    For a few hours this week, the activity at one of the main intersections here looked a bit like a scene in Israel. The intersection was blocked off with concrete and metal gates as Dutch policemen checked the bags of the roughly 1,500 demonstrators — Jews and non-Jews — who came to rally Sunday "against… More ▸

  • Bomb Victims Came from Israel, New Jersey, Netherlands and Brazil

    Hundreds of friends, family members, classmates and former students of Shoshana Greenbaum were among those gathered at Har Hamenuchot Cemetery in Israel to pay their last respects. Greenbaum, 31, of Passaic, N.J., had been five months pregnant. Buried last Friday, she was one of 15 people who died Aug. 9 when a suicide bomber entered… More ▸

  • Dutch Looking for Bilked Jews to Claim Looted Holocaust Assets

    Dutch officials are seeking claimants who believe they deserve payment from a fund established to compensate Jews whose assets in the Netherlands were looted by the Nazis. The Dutch government, banks, insurance companies and the Dutch stock exchange have set aside $326.2 million to pay claims. The compensation plan was launched in the Netherlands late… More ▸