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  • Dutch Looking for Bilked Jews to Claim Looted Holocaust Assets

    Dutch officials are seeking claimants who believe they deserve payment from a fund established to compensate Jews whose assets in the Netherlands were looted by the Nazis. The Dutch government, banks, insurance companies and the Dutch stock exchange have set aside $326.2 million to pay claims. The compensation plan was launched in the Netherlands late… More ▸

  • Dutch Who Saved Jews from Nazis Honored in L.a. As Righteous Gentiles

    “I don’t feel like a hero,” 91-year old Annie Schipper said. “I did what I had to do.” What Annie and her husband Pieter “had to do” in 1942 was hide a young Jewish couple with a baby son in their small apartment in Amsterdam, at the risk of their own lives. For their bravery… More ▸

  • Czech Officials Turn Stolen Papers over to Dutch Jewish Community

    Czech officials have presented the Dutch state archives with Jewish documents the Nazis stole from Amsterdam during World War II. The seven boxes document Jewish life in the Netherlands from 1796 to 1942 and may have been destined for the museum of European Jewry that Hitler planned to build in Prague after he exterminated Europe’s… More ▸

  • Israel Dismisses Arafat Visit to Holland Holocaust Museum

    Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat’s visit to the Amsterdam house where Anne Frank hid during World War II might have been low-key here, but it made headlines in Israel. A handful of passers-by received Arafat at the museum with a mixture of applause and whistles. “We only had one bomb alert,” said the mayor of… More ▸

  • Holocaust Survivor in Holland Asks for Compensation for Forced Labor

    A Holocaust survivor is asking for compensation from a Dutch company for forced labor during World War II. Rene Lijdesdorff, who is asking for $12,500, claims that Heidemij never paid him for his work. “It is impossible to check whether all payments were made correctly,” said a spokesman for Heidemij. Other Holocaust survivors say they… More ▸

  • Holland Destroyed Records Listing Stolen Jewish Assets

    The Dutch Ministry of Finance deliberately destroyed hundreds of archives detailing the wartime liquidation of Jewish companies by Nazi-appointed administrators, according to a report in a Dutch daily newspaper. The archives, which contained important information for those with claims resulting from such liquidations, were destroyed in 1991 — a year before unclaimed moneys were legally… More ▸

  • Former Dutch Official Confirms Sale of Holocaust Victims’ Assets

    Dutch Finance Ministry employees purchased valuables looted from Holocaust victims at bargain prices during the 1960s. The disclosure was confirmed by a former ministry official who said last week that in 1968 or 1969 “leftover” jewelry belonging to Jews who died in the Holocaust had been sold to his colleagues. The goods had been held… More ▸

  • Holland Plans to Aid Dutch Jews with Its Share of Nazi-looted Gold

    Holland wants to use its $10 million share of an international gold pool to help its own Jewish community. “Part of this gold was stolen from the Jews in our country,” said Joop van Kemenade, chairman of the Dutch government committee investigating restitution of Jewish property, explaining why Holland doesn’t want to contribute the funds… More ▸