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New Zealand

  • Holocaust Denier Loses Right to Airwaves of New Zealand

    A New Zealand radio broadcaster has lost the fight to air a show promoting the denial of the Holocaust. Fred Clements lost his final appeal earlier this month to air “Alternative News, Information and Comment,” a show that includes Holocaust denial. Clements took legal action when Wellington Access Radio in New Zealand decided earlier this… More ▸

  • Jews Outraged by Booklet by New Zealand Local Official

    A city council member in New Zealand who published an anti-Semitic booklet has outraged the country’s Jewish community and has elicited calls for his resignation. Cliff Tait, Hamilton City Council member, writes in the booklet “The Squeeze is On” that a Jewish conspiracy to control the world exists. In the booklet, Tait quotes “The Protocols… More ▸

  • New Zealand Party Accused of Anti-semitic Sentiments

    As New Zealand prepares for a national election under a new electoral system, charges of anti-Semitism have been leveled at the party expected to benefit most. The Alliance Party, which has managed to win backing among voters from both sides of the political spectrum who oppose the country’s two major parties, has been asked to… More ▸

  • Jews Angered by New Zealand’s Decision Not to Prosecute Nazis

    New Zealand Prime Minister Jim Bolger has confirmed that his government will not prosecute any of the 14 current residents of New Zealand alleged to have committed crimes against humanity during the course of World War II. Bolger said that there was not enough evidence to justify criminal prosecutions against any of the individuals on… More ▸

  • New Zealand Church Rejects Liturgy Change Urged by Jews

    New Zealand Jews are dismayed at the failure of the Anglican Synod to restore the words “Zion” and “Israel” to psalms included in the prayerbook of the country’s largest church denomination. The synod declined at its recent annual meeting to reverse the deletions made four years ago. The ruling was termed “a major step backward… More ▸

  • New Zealand Panel Finds Bias Used Against Sabbath Observers

    The New Zealand Human Rights Commission has upheld a discrimination complaint by two Jewish students against Victoria University in Wellington, which imposed extra fees on students who refused to take examinations on Saturdays. The commission ordered the university to cease the practice and refund such fees paid since mid-1991, when the complaint was lodged. “Students… More ▸

  • New Zealand Police Traveling Far to Look into War Criminals Cases

    Two NewZealand police officers have left for the Middle East, Europe and North America to investigate charges that Nazi war criminals have made their home in New Zealand. The two-man investigation unit will follow up allegations against 42 New Zealand residents. They will be traveling with their counterparts from the Special Investigations Unit of the… More ▸

  • New Zealand Begins Investigation into War Criminals Living There

    The New Zealand government has begun an investigation to find out if suspected Nazi war criminals are living in that country, with deportation or extradition possible if any are found. New Zealand Attorney General Paul East announced that the government has employed three researchers to sift through available information in New Zealand and Australia. A… More ▸

  • Australia and New Zealand Will Trace Nazi Criminals

    Jewish groups here and abroad conditionally welcomed an announcement Monday that Australia and New Zealand would cooperate in tracing alleged Nazi war criminals. But they insist on more definitive action, including official investigations and legislation to deal with the prosecution, extradition or deportation of war criminals found in either country. Those demands were raised after… More ▸