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  • Norway, Unifil Argue Responsibility over Remarks by Norwegian Colonel

    Norway and the United Nations are bickering over who has the responsibility to deal with a slur against Israel, made by a Norwegian officer attached to the United Nations peacekeeping force in southern Lebanon. The Norwegian ambassador to Israel, Torleiv Anda, called at the Foreign Ministry Tuesday morning to dissociate his government from remarks by… More ▸

  • Norwegian Apologizes for Remarks

    The Norwegian ambassador to Israel, Torleiv Anda, apologized Wednesday for comparing the behavior of Israeli troops in the administered territories with that of the Nazis who occupied his country during World War II. The envoy, who was summoned to the Foreign Ministry for an explanation by its political director general, Yossi Beilin, said later that… More ▸

  • Norwegian’s Remarks Create a Stir

    The Foreign Ministry demanded an explanation Tuesday of remarks by the Norwegian ambassador to Israel, Torleiv Anda, that unfavorably compared the acts of Israeli soldiers in the West Bank and Gaza Strip to the Nazi occupiers of his country during World War II. Torleiv, quoted by Israel Radio, said that Norway was under occupation for… More ▸

  • Norway Mulls Probe of How Its Heavy Water Was Used by Israel

    Norwegian authorities are studying the feasibility of conducting their own investigation of whether heavy water Norway sold to Israel several years ago was used to make nuclear weapons, according to a report by Norinform, the official Norwegian news agency Monday. Heavy water is enriched in deuterium, the hydrogen isotope twice the mass of ordinary hydrogen… More ▸

  • Norwegian Unifil Official Denies Making Anti-israeli Statements

    The commander of the Norwegian contingent to the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) has denied anti-Israeli statements attributed to him in an Oslo newspaper. Col. Erling Heim was quoted as saying that Israeli officers had behaved towards the Norwegian soldiers just as the Nazis had done to the Norwegians during World War II…. More ▸

  • U.s., Canada, Norway Boycott Dinner After Israel is Barred

    The United States, Canada and Norway boycotted a dinner last night given by the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) in honor of the opening of the International Conference on Kampuchia because the hosts withdrew an invitation to Israel. Secretary of State Alexander Haig, who was expected to attend the dinner, declined to participate… More ▸

  • Norway to Discuss Oil Sale to Israel

    Israel and Norway are to begin discussions in coming months on the possible supply to Israel of surplus oil from Norway’s North Sea wells. This was agreed on yesterday in Norway in talks between Energy Minister Yitzhak Modai and his Norwegian counterpart; it was reported today in Jerusalem. Israel has approached Oslo on the oil… More ▸

  • No Oil to Israel from Norway. Uk

    The governments of Norway and Great Britain, which share oil from the North Sea fields, will not ask the controlling petroleum companies to sell any of it to Israel, the Embassies of the two countries made clear to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. Inquiries by the JTA followed reports from Oslo after Vice President Wolter Mondale… More ▸

  • Norway Studying Oil Sale to Israel

    Norwegian Foreign Minister haut Frydenlund has announced that his country is “seriously studying” Israel’s request for Norway to sell it oil and will give a reply next month. Frydenlund, who is attending the Scandinavian Foreign Ministers meeting in Copenhagen, said Norway’s decision will be given to Vice President Walter Mondale who is due to visit… More ▸