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  • Israeli Firm Enters Olympics with Virtual Runners, Finish Lines

    Israel may not break any world records at the Sydney Olympics, but an Israeli company is providing the technology that allows television viewers to see more than is actually happening at some Olympic events. Orad Hi-Tec Systems is providing the technology chosen by several leading international networks to enhance their sports broadcasts during the games…. More ▸

  • The 2000 Olympic Games: Israelis Look to Immigrants to Score Big at the Olympics

    Athletes from the former Soviet Union have transformed the Israeli Olympics sports scene. About one-third of the Israeli team in the upcoming Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia – and five of the six strongest Israeli contenders-are originally from the former Soviet Union. The team, which departed Sunday night for Sydney, includes top favorites Michael Kalganov,… More ▸

  • Concerns over Safety at Olympics Brings Up Ghost of Munich Massacre

    The Palestinians are reportedly considering a Muslim and Arab boycott of this summer’s Olympic Games here because of memorial to the Israelis killed in the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre. The claim in the Palestinian publication Al Hayat al-Jadida of a boycott over the memorial, which was dedicated in October, was subsequently denied by the Palestinians’… More ▸

  • Munich Olympics Mastermind Not Allowed into the West Bank

    Bowing to German pressure, outgoing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu instructed Israel’s security services Sunday to prevent the entry into the West Bank of Mohammad Daoud Odeh, who is responsible for the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre in which II Israeli athletes were murdered. The premier also ordered that the VIP card of Daoud Odeh, who goes… More ▸

  • Olympics to Accommodate Religious

    Organizers of the next Olympic Games are making plans to accommodate observant Jewish athletes. The are slated to take place here in September 2000. The Sydney Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games has agreed to provide accommodations in the Olympic village for a rabbi over Shabbat and the Jewish New Year, said Sandy Hollway, chief… More ▸

  • Soviet Emigres Make Up Israeli Team at the Olympics

    Call it the Soviet connection. All three athletes representing Israel at the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan, which opens this weekend, have roots in the former Soviet Union — and two were actually born there. The ice dancing duo of Galit Chayat, 23, and Sergei Sakanovsky, 22, will join Misha Shmerkin, who participated in… More ▸

  • Jewish Athletes Recall Ordeal of Nazi-hosted 1936 Olympics

    To Germany’s Jews, Gretel Bergmann was a symbol of flickering hope on a rapidly darkening landscape. To the Nazis, she was a propaganda tool. Intent on avoiding an international boycott of the 1936 Berlin Olympics, Germany coerced Bergmann onto its track and field team and held her up to the world as evidence that it… More ▸

  • French Olympics Team Cancels Ballet in Wake of Jewish Protest

    A water ballet that France’s synchronized-swimming team was to perform at the Olympics in Atlanta next month has been canceled after Jewish groups protested its theme – the Holocaust. The controversy broke out after the sports daily L’Equipe revealed that the water balled would feature swimmers goose-stepping into the pool and mimicking the arrival of… More ▸

  • ‘palestine’ Olympics Team Sparks Renewed Controversy

    With the opening ceremonies for the Summer Olympics less than six weeks away, the controversy over an officially recognized team from “Palestine” has sparked new protests. A delegation of athletes from “Palestine,” as the team is designated in the Atlanta Committee on the Olympics Games’ official publications, is competing in the summer games. The Anti-Defamation… More ▸

  • 7 Relatives of Israeli Athletes Slain in ’72 Munich Olympics Sue

    Seven relatives of the Israeli athletes killed at the 1972 Munich Olympics by Palestinian terrorists have filed suit against the governments of Germany and Bavaria. A Munich court will next month hear the claim, in which the families demand $27.2 million in compensation. In October, the same court threw out of compensation suit from 22… More ▸